Black Bear Critically Injures Arizona Woman

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Yet another animal attack on a person. Lana Rae Hollingsworth was attacked by a black bear while walking her dog at the Pinetop Country Club community on Wednesday. The bear attacked her a total of three times before finally running off. Hollingsworth was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital and underwent surgeries. Late Wednesday she was still in critical condition.

The black bear estimated at 250 lbs was scavenging in a dumpster when he attacked Hollingsworth. Neighbors who responded to the screaming, yelled and honked car horns and the bear ran up a tree, but he came back twice before finally running off. The bear's attack on Hollingsworth was a predatory attack and the bear was tracked with the help of dogs and killed. Since 1990, this was the 7th black bear attack, none of which have been fatal. The last bear attack was in 2006. From


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We keep hearing morte and

We keep hearing morte and more stories of people being injured by wild animals.  I am being to wovnder if some people that enter the wood or the country have no idea what they are in for.  I hope that she is all right and has a full recovery.  But when I enetr the woods I am always prepared for the worst.  I too am very alert to my surroundings, but then for us outdoorsman we nknow what to look for and we may stay away from a suspusious area.

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Going for a walk at a country

Going for a walk at a country club is one of the last places you would worry abut having to carry some pepper spray or other form of defense against bears. It sounds like this bear waas very determined to finish what he started as indicated by the repeated attacks. Since he was dumpster diving when first surprised I wonder if he was actually starving or sick for some reason and took advantage of the next best chance for a meal or if there was some other motivating factor. It goes to show that no matter where you are these days you can never be assured of your safety and should always be aware and have some means to defend yourself from attack whether it be from animals or otherwise. It's not that hard to get a concealed permit in most states anymore andin the case of Arizona it's not even required to have one to carry.

Thankfully the bear was able to be dispatched and hopefully the woman will be able to recover from her injuries with no serious lasting effects.

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hope she's OK

Two comments come to mind here. First & Foremost, I hope she recovers fully from her injuries. Secondly, I believe she might consider getting another larger(?) dog too.