Bill Targeting Colorado Spring Bear Hunt Ban Clears Committee

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Rep. J. Paul Brown of Ignacio is sponsoring a bill that would overturn Colorado's long standing ban on spring bear hunting. With increasing black bear counts and increasing human-bear conflicts, Mr. Brown wants the Colorado DOW to have the ability to set up and manage a spring bear hunt if needed. The Denver Post has a write up and reactions to the possible spring bear hunt.

The DOW said that the last estimate of the state's bear population place the number of bears between 8,000 and 12,000, and that DOW officials believe today's number to be on the high end of that range. That estimate is 15 years old, and the DOW admitted it was not necessarily accurate.


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Colorado Bear

The bear hunting should never have been messed with by the politicians, and even worse put to a vote. I strongly believe that wildlife management should be handled by the folks we hire to do that job. When you have non-hunting city folks voting on wildlife issues - it's bound to turn into a mess. 

Here in Colorado the solution in dealing with problem predators is to tag them and move them to the western slope where they become some rancher's headache. That to me is not a solution. For some reason it's a disaster when mountain lions (and other predators) snack on their pets - but it's supposed to be ok for those same predators to eat a rancher's livestock.

The black bear population has grown exponentially since the spring bear hunt was voted down. It's time that the DOW is able to manage them properly again. 

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To me it sounds like a really

To me it sounds like a really good idea.  One it will open up some more revenue as it will give big game hunters some to chase in the spring besides turkeys.  Second it will help rid ourselves of some of those troublesome bears.  I have never considered bear hunting but with a spring season I may just have to give it a try....some thing to keep me in touch with th moutains and help with satying in shape, but that is a personal gain for me.  For the state it should be a win win situation.

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why not have a spring bear

why not have a spring bear hunt, if the population can support it then why not? In oregon we have a spring controlled hunt and fall general season, I always get a fall tag and have gotten 1 spring tag, I'm just building points right now for a great spring hunt in NE oregon. I hope this bill passes for you CO residents.

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The only way some of these

The only way some of these animals will have seasons set on them again is when the antis start having their cats, dogs, and kids attacked in their back yards on a regular basis.  The antis are the main reason that most of the seasons on bears, cougars, running them with dogs, etc. were wiped out or severely restricted.