Big Cat Up a Giant Saguaro

Send by email Printer-friendly version Share this CBS Phoenix is running a story and some pictures you won't see every day. Apparently someone snapped a few photos of an adult male mountain lion at the top of a thirty foot giant saguaro.

"No doubt it's a rare event (to see a lion atop a cactus). It's not the kind of place most animals would take shelter from danger," said Randy Babb, a biologist for Arizona Game and Fish.

While its not clear from the available pictures why the cat went up the cactus, the Arizona Game and Fish believes the cougar was treed by hunting dogs.


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Just an FYI, it appears that

Just an FYI, it appears that indeed, the cat may have been shot, and the hunters were the ones that took the photo.

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Those pictures have been around forever.

This is very common occurance when you dry ground hunt.  I let a female Lion go in the same situation.  Comical this is being treated as new news.  Hopefully I have them on my home computer with the original date from years back.  Gotta love the internet!

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I couldn't figure out how to throw up other pics on this thread.

There was another area on here called Big Cat I posted another pic it.

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Ouch!!! Using the term treed

Ouch!!! Using the term treed is a little off in this situation. Definitely not a normal sight though.

I'm not sure how late in the year the Arizona season goes so that may be one reason the cat is still alive as someone may have just been training their dogs. Not a good photo to put out if that is the situation as someone will make a case about the cat's well being after coming down from that cactus.

The other possibility is just that some photos were taken before the shot was made because of the uniqueness of the situation. I know I have one photo of the lion I killed sitting way up on a limb before I took the shot.

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Well, the answer may come

Well, the answer may come sooner than later.  I posted this on another one of my boards, a more local one out here, and the moderator sent me a message saying that one of our members actually shot that lion. 

I asked if they were the ones that took the photos, before the shot, but have yet to receive a reply. 

I'll post if I find anything out.

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I agree Jaybe. Dogs, but not

I agree Jaybe. Dogs, but not necessarily hunting dogs.

If it were hutning dogs, then why would the hunters not have shot it?

It's an adult male, good size, so you would think it would be the type that hunters were looking for.

Either way, pretty cool photo.

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Whew! That looks like a

Whew! That looks like a prickly situation!

I'm guessing that they were right to say that it was dogs that chased it up there. May or may not have been hunting dogs, though.

It's amazing to see how fast cats can climb; I have never seen one in the wild, but on hunting shows and Discovery documentaries I have seen them go up a tree almost as fast as they were running on the ground. I would imagine that it went up that Saguaro so fast it almost couldn't stop at the top.

Well, at 30 feet up, at least it was safe from the dogs. Gonna spend a while picking out cactus spines, though.