Big Bend National Park Rangers Continue Search for Mountain Lion

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Big Bend National Park located in Texas, is home to over 2 dozen mountain lions. The last time a mountain lion attack was reported was in May 2003, when an elderly mountain lion was starving due to broken canines and it attacked a man. The man was able to fight off the mountain lion that was later found and destroyed. In the park if a mountain lion threatens people and actually comes in contact with them, it is destroyed according to park policy.

Sunday evening after finishing a meal a family went for a walk, they came back yelling. A mountain lion had attacked their 6 year old son. He was bleeding from the head, where he suffered a puncture wound. EMS arrived and attended to the boy, he may need some stitches for the wound but will be ok.

Earlier in the day, another family walking had been harrassed by a mountain lion. They used a camelback pack to fend off the mountain lion. Right now the assumption is that it is the same mountain lion, a juvenile cat that will be destroyed if found. Traps are currently set in the area for the mountain lion. From The National Parks Traveler.