Bidder Pays $265,000 For Utah Mule Deer Tag

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Antelope Island at 28,000 acres is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake and is also a Utah state park. This year the high bidder paid $265,000 for a single mule deer buck tag on the island at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. A similar bighorn tag fetched $50,000. The Salt Lake Tribune has a write up on the hunt, the auction, and how the auction money will be used.

“I want the money going into habitat improvements, not toilet paper and plungers,” said Miles Moretti, president of the Utah-based Mule Deer Foundation, which helped auction off the tag. “This money will not be going to the infrastructure of the park but is to be truly used for on-the-ground projects to improve wildlife habitat.” Steve Bates, Antelope Island State Park wildlife biologist, said the mule deer tag drew about what he expected it would, but he was still bewildered that someone would spend so much.


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Wow.  Taht is clearly someone with plenty of mney just looking for a good cause to give it away to.  I suppose there are worse ways to spend it, but wow that sure seems like a lot of money to pay for just one of ANYTHING!

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At first I thought the were

At first I thought the were talking about elk, then I thought that others must be dreaming of the Spider Bull.

But then I noticed it was a mule deer tag.  Geez, all that for a mule deer? 

Good for him though.  If he can afford it, I'm happy to see that money go into some sort of conservation effort, versus having him blow it on a weekend in Vegas, or throw it down the tubes in some other manner.

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Once again somebody throwing

Once again somebody throwing all their money around and go out and kill a bug buck and say what a great hunter they are.  Wish I could spend all that money and have someelse do all the work for me and I will show up later and pull the trigger and get my trophy.....nah I would much rather work my ass for years and not get anything to one day take a nice bull or buck and be able to say I did it all on my own!

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Wow. I know some of these

Wow. I know some of these tags go for a lot of money but this defies sanity and comprehension for me. I suppose for the high bidder it might be the same as me dropping 300 for a tag but still. Anyway, wow again.

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Holy cow! I wish i had an

Holy cow! I wish i had an extra $265,000 just sitting around to buy a tag. I really hope the money goes to habitat like mentioned. Congrats to the lucky bidder and good luck, hopfully you tag the buck of your dreams.