BGH Integrates Facebook

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Over the last few days we have taken a few steps to integrate with On most pages of our site you will now find the familiar Recommend button to share a given article, news item, review, etc with your network of friends and family on Facebook.

We have also set up a BigGameHunt Facebook page here. If you would like to follow some of our latest info on Facebook you can do so by visiting the linked page and adding it to your likes. Depending on the interest in Facebook, we may come up with some novel ways for you to separate the streams of info coming from BGH into specific areas of your interest.

Note that if you don't use Facebook and have no interest in Facebook, that's just fine. We integrated these Facebook features because some members of our community use Facebook and we wanted to make it easier to share and follow BGH on Facebook. There is no requirement to have a Facebook account in order to fully use BGH.

If you have suggestions about how we could improve the BGH Facebook page, please comment below or send us a PM or email.


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OK... I think it is a fine

OK... I think it is a fine idea to put BGH on facebook for those that have accounts and as a way to get it out there for more people to see. But...

I do not have a facebook acount and I do not think I will in the near future... and I am a college student. I also did not jump on the myspace bandwagon when that was big. I have seen these sights ruin too many people. There are a lot of people that have become addicted (and I am not using that term loosley) to these sights. They are on them non stop all day long, from the time they get up, to the time they go to bed. Phones with internet have made the problem worse. Most of the people that have been spoiled by these sites are in my generation, I'll give you that. Most of the people that use these sites from most of your guys' generations have used it for a good purpose such as the reasons that CA_Vermonster brought up. Although I can think of one example where an older woman has become addicted as well. Many people have not gotten jobs over these sites, had their relationships torn apart by them and people have lost their jobs and a startling number of young people have killed themselves over things that have taken place on these sites. That is sad and I see these sites in a mostly negative light.

But like I said, I think it can only be good for BGH.

social media

Until now BGH has not been involved in any social media. We really thought it was simply a fad, but now believe that people do indeed use facebook and other social media to communicate and share information. Posting on other sites like facebook seems redundant, but we'll try it and see if people use it or not.

None of us here at BGH really uses facebook much (if at all) so it's new territory for us.

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Yep, people have become

Yep, people have become addicted to facebook and other social media sources.  i would hate to look at my hours spent online at BGH this month. 

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This post will focus on the

This post will focus on the basics of using facebook.  It is not intended for the experienced user but is intended for someone who is a BGH member and saw the news that BGH is now integrated with facebook.  They are wondering what is facebook and how do I use i?  This article is intended to get that person started using facebook.


So if you are reading this, then I am assuming you do not have a facebook account.  The first thing to do is to sign up for one.  It is easy and it is free.


1.                  Go to

2.                  This will bring you to the login page where you will see a series of boxes asking for your signup information.  You will be asked to enter your first and last name and an email address.  You will then assign a password and enter information about gender and birthday and that is it.


Once you have an account you can then start having fun, but there is one thing you must do first.  One of the most important steps after getting an account is to set your privacy settings.  This limits who can see your account, what information they see and if people can search for you.  To access your privacy settings and to set them, click on your “account” in the upper right hand corner and select “privacy setting” from the drop down menu.  It is pretty simple to set up your privacy settings from there.  Remember, do this first before moving on.


Facebook can find friends for you by using your email account to search for friends.  I imagine some people do this, but I do not.  I just do not like the idea of having facebook having access to my email account and sending out friend requests to everyone in it.  I prefer to be more selective in who I send a friend request to.


To find friends to go to the top of your home page, the very top above all your information and look for the box that has “search” in it along with a little magnifying glass.  In this box you can type the name of a friend for whom you are looking.


It is likely that you will get more than one person with that name.  To narrow the search click on the title, “people” from the menu on the left.  This will bring up an advanced search that allows you to narrow your search by city.  This often narrows it so you can find your friend, but sometimes it takes a little more searching and a bit of detective work to find your friend.


You will not be able to see much information about your friend because most people limit the information available to non-friends.  So you will have to send them a friend request that they will have to accept for you to be a friend.  Yes, you may be a friend in real-life, but you are not a facebook friend until they confirm you.


It works the same way for you.  You will receive friend requests and you will have to decide whether to confirm them as a friend or to ignore the request.  Such power!

Once you have friends you will see what they are up to these days.  They may post tidbits about their life and photographs.  You can send each other messages. There is also a chat feature so you can have a dialogue with them while online.


The other feature is using the search feature to look for pages that are of interest to you such as hunting pages.  Type in “big game hunt” and you will receive hundreds of pages to “like.”  Click on the “like” button and you will be added to the members who like that page and its topic.  You can then follow what is going on with the page.


I did not immediately find’s page when I typed that search string in so I typed biggamehunt and found it.  I simply clicked on the “like” button and I was added to the list of the other 45 people who like the page.  This is a good way to find people who share your interests.


As noted at the start, this post is not intended for the advanced user, but is simply intended to get the novice started.  Follow these steps and start exploring a new world that has millions of users world wide.

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I guess that's a good

I guess that's a good idea...I mean, I don't have a facebook account...what is the big draw for having a facebook page...just to share info with other members...I guess it's a way of sharing my age, not having a facebook account or seeing the purpose for one...Can anyone explain why I should have a facebook account...or better yet, why do you have an account on facebook?

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I actually had alot of fun

I actually had alot of fun with it when I first signed up. For me, it was about reconnecting with old friends.  I got in touch with dozens of "friends" from high school and college that I had not seen in 15 to 20 years.  It was pretty cool.  Plus, with my family being 3000 miles away, it is a quick and easy way to share photos, videos, and stories of our kids with their grandparents.

I like the fact that you can select different privacy levels to set who can actually view your photos, personal information, and such.  Lets you know that your photos re not being plastered around the net for everyone to use.

Other people use it as a blog, political stuff, senseless posts, and a place to play games.  I think having BGH ont here will be cool.  I will have to look it up when I get home.

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Speaking of games, some

Speaking of games, some people spend hours and hours plaing Farmville and other games.  It is a real subculture that I know very little about and dont really have an interest. 

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What is Farmville? It's a

What is Farmville? It's a town close to here is all I know. But that isn't what you're talking about.

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Not to hijack thias blog, but

Not to hijack thias blog, but Farmville is sort of an online fantasy game for farmers... :lol:  It's like simcity, or any of those role player games.  You have a "farm" that you operate online.  It's quite a fad among facebook users.  They actually had a lady in Florida recently that shook her baby to death because it was crying while she was trying to play Farmville.  really sad.

Anyway, I checked out the page last night.  Very nice.  It looks like mostly stuff we already get here by being members on the site, but it will be a good way to reach out to others that may not know about BGH yet.

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That's sad to hear about the

That's sad to hear about the death of a defenseless baby. Hopefully she'll get what is coming to her.

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It is a game on facebook.  I

It is a game on facebook.  I have never played it, but I believe you have a farm and you can earn points or pay for points to buy equipment, stock, etc.  You basically build and manage a farm and from what I hear, people spend lots of time on it.

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Crazy for them to spend time

Crazy for them to spend time doing something like that when they could be enjoying the outdoors instead.

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Some people live on

Some people live on facebook.  It is their life.

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I think there are several

I think there are several reasons to have a facebook account.  Some use it to socialize and meet new friends, play games and hang out in cyberspace.  Other use it as means to communicate and share photos with familiy and friends.  Another reason is to find old friends or to be found by old friends.

Professionals use it to network and finally some use it to find out what is going on with their profession or politics.  People use facebook to share information about various campaigns, events and other happenings and if you're not in their circle you're not in the know.

Will your life suffer without it?  Of course not, but it can be a tool for some people and for others just a way to connect with others.