Betty's Hunting Quest Complete

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Over the last 25 years Betty Capaul has harvested 3 trophy bucks, and last year she got a cow elk. One thing she had not harvested that was on her list, was a bull elk. Despite having a bad knee, and needing replacement surgery Betty was determined to be out hunting this season.

Knowing that some people weren't seeing anything, Betty was a little doubtful for her season. Betty and husband Ray go on an annual hunting camping trip and they spend a couple weeks out camping, drinking, talking and enjoying the outdoors. Early on in their trip their grandson successfully harvested a bull elk, and Betty was a little sad thinking there went her bull elk on this trip.

They were down to their final days of hunting. Betty was perched on a log on the hillside. She heard the elk coming before she saw him. She took her time, to make sure it was not a moose and not a cow elk. When the bull elk fully presented himself she was sure. From 80 yards she pulled the trigger on her Remington 308 and filled her bull elk tag. The meat is in their meat locker, and her husband Ray is preparing the rack for display. From


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  Congratulations Betty!!! 


Congratulations Betty!!!  That is a great accomplishment for anyone.  What makes it greater is her drive and persistance to still be outdoors after having a knee replacement.  What makes it the best is even with that surgery she harvested a great first bull elk.  Her 5X5 antlers looks like a very nice bull and will look great on display.  Wishes for a speedy and successful recovery on the other knee replacement... as well as the husband's hip surgery.  Knowing from my Dad how painful a knee replacement is this could have stopped many of Elk hunters from completing a hunt.  She must have been focused on the physical therapy in order to accomplish this great story.  I don't know about old deadeye as a nickname... maybe just deadeye! 

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Congratulations to the woman

Congratulations to the woman for never giving up and sticking with it even with her limitations. I have met many older hunters over the years with the same drive and determination to stay afield no matter what. We have several places near where I hunt that can be accessed with a walk of less than a hundred yards that provide a very good vantage point to spend the day and watch. Funny thing is many times it's one of htese old folks that have an animal down while I'm coming back out empty handed. I just don't have the patience yet to sit and wait all day in one spot. But I know where I will eb sitting when I can't make the hike anymore myself. I bet though even though she got her bull that her quest isn't really over and like most of us she will stil be out there again as soon as she can.

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Congratulations to Betty on a

Congratulations to Betty on a fine trophy and for sticking with it for so many years.  Sounds like a great tradition to go hunting with family for a couple of weeks and camp together.  


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That's a great story.  Even

That's a great story.  Even on a bum knee, she got out there and did what she set out to do, take a nice bull elk.  And a very nice one at that!  Reading the story makes me think back about 17-18 years when I took my Grandmother out to try and get her first deer ever.  I think of it because her name is Betty too, and also she was hunting with her grandson.  We didn't get anything, but it was quality time spent none the less.

Congratulations to this Betty on a fine Bull!  I hope that my father will be able to hunt with his grandsons one day too!

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That is awesome.  I hope that

That is awesome.  I hope that wghen I am her age I can still get out into the woods.  Congrats top her for staying after her quest and not giving up.  I think alot of us including myself should be motivated by her to get out there and never give up.  Second best thing about this she is a female hunter and I love hearing all the stories of the in field. My wife hunts so I hope one dau she will get the joy of shoot a bull elk.

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As Louis La'more would say in

As Louis La'more would say in one of his novels, "What a woman!"

Congratulations to Betty for getting out there and bagging that nice bull elk. My wife has had both knees replaced and took a year off from hunting, but she was back out there with me this year enjoying the woods - even though she didn't get a shot.

Glad to hear about another woman who knows that meat doesn't come in a styrofoam package with plastic wrap on top!