Best Bait for Bear: Doughnuts

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Oklahoma Wildlife Officials trap bears, then take DNA samples, tag the bear and some get collared. They are doing this as part of a study on the bear's population in the Eastern part of the state.

What gets the bears into the trap? Doughnuts, the pastry traps usually attract 300 lb males, 200 lbs females, but recently a cub couldn't resist temptation. Doughnuts have worked best for the Oklahoma wildlife officials. They also have 200 bait stations set up with hair snares. The DNA from the hair helps track the bears' movement across the state. From The Associated Press.


groovy mike's picture

copy that smokey

Heck everybody knows that.  Doesn't anybody remember smokey and the bandit?  Bears and donut shops go together well like - cops and donuts! lol.

Seriously though donuts work great but if you REALLY want bear to come in to your bait sites, try adding pie filling poured over the top.  A bakery with a steady stream of past date baked goods with filling is a bear hunters best friend!  Black bears love the sweet stuff so the sweeter that you can make your bear baits, the better off you will be toward attrracting those big black dessert vacuums in to your bait sites!  

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I have always heard that

I have always heard that bears like alot of sweet stuff to eat so it makes alot of sense that they would like some doughnuts.  I guess I had better watch more closely or stop carry me some Little Debbie doughnuts  in my packs while elk hunting, that is unless I want to find myself a topic to one of the many animal attacks on people we have been having this year.

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I have always read that

I have always read that doughnuts were one of the best baits for bear but I always wondered where people could find a good enough supply to keep things going. I knew a guy here in Colorado back when it was still legal that swore by the moldy berries he was able to pick up at the local grocery store in 5 gallon buckets that they saved for him. One thing  for sure though that anything sweet will definately bring them in for the snack.

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I have never been a big fan

I have never been a big fan of hunting over bait for bears, but I have always found it funny to see what people use for bear bait.  Popcorn, doughnuts or other day old pastries, etc., all seem to be pretty popular. Add a little coating of molasses, and you have a great treat... Wink

Makes you wonder though, do bears get cavities????  Seriously, if a bear hangs around one of these sites year after year, relying on the bait station as a primary food source, and never gets shot, I wonder how their teeth are by the end of their life.