Bears Need Exfoliation Too

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For the first time, a brown bear in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska has been documented using a tool to get clean. The large brown bear was in the river, using a barnacle covered rock to rub against his face. It is unsure what exactly it was for, an itch, removing food... But it does show us that bears are smart animals.

University of Cumbria's Dr Volker Deecke was the one to observe the bear using the primitive tool.

"These animals do have relatively large brains compared to their body size, the largest of any carnivore, and much larger than more social carnivores, like lions.

"There are a lot of ideas about sociality having impacted on brain size and cognitive abilities. It looks like bears are probably far more complex than we give them credit for," says Dr Deecke.

He believes more research could stem from this observation. A lot of research has been done with primates and their cognitive abilities, while bears have been overlooked. It will be interesting to see what comes from this observation. From