Bear Trashes Then Rolls Prius Away

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A family vacationing at Lake Tahoe, had rented a cabin, and parked their car outside. Now the inside of the car is completely trashed after a bear got into the car. The family was suddenly awakened by the honking of the horn. The bear was trapped inside the car and could not get himself out. Brian and Cathy McCarthy called 911, and told them what was going on, when they looked again the car was gone. The bear had torn apart the gear shift, put it in neutral, and was going down the steep 25 foot driveway. It crashed into boulders at the front of the neighbor's cabin. The bear finally found a way out of the car and was not seen again. McCarthy is surprised the bear spent that amount of time, and did that amount of damage, but never broke a window. From


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  I don't like Prius either


I don't like Prius either so I would have also trashed it and rolled it down into some boulders too!!!  Good for the Bear!!!

Ya - explain that to the insurance company.  I don't believe this is the whole story.  Maybe the door was left open and there was food or drink inside the vehicle... and when the bear ripped off the gear shift the car rolled down the driveway and the door closed on it.  There is definitely more to this story and if I was an insurance agent I would tell them to go buy another "green" vehicle with their own money and not to expect insurance to pay for this "situation".




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I've read of a lot of

I've read of a lot of different bear encounters but this is one of the best. I guess you need to take your bear proofing measures a lot further now. Instead of just securing your trash and making sure your house is closed up in bear country you better make sure your car is under control as well. I wonder what smells from the car lured it inside and why it couldn't get out quickly ht eway it got in. At least it's fortunate that nobody was in the car when it decided to check it out and take it for a spin.

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That's crazy! How did the

That's crazy! How did the bear get in the car if there were no windows broke? Reminds me of  raptor opening a door in Jurassic Park.

Seems like there have been lots of animal/human encounters this year. Just her in Colorado we have had two coyote attacks on humans and two black bear attacks on humans this year.

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Well, considering Prius' are

Well, considering Prius' are supposed to be environmentally friendly, I would think the wildlife would reciprocate... lol

That's funny.  I would have paid to see that.  At least nobody was hurt.  I am sure the car was insured, so everything should be good.

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That is a quit a comical

That is a quit a comical story.  I am definetly glad the people not hurt or harmed in any way, but I have to wonder what that bear thought while the car was rolling away.  I bet he had a few choice words to use when he finally got out of the car.  makes you wonder if he will ever try that again!!