Bear Likes His Pizza

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Fat Tony's Pizza parlor in Whistler, British Columbia had a surprise customer the other night. Unfortunately for them it was a non-paying customer. The bear came in and helped himself to some pizza. Onlookers videoed it while making comments and laughing. The bear did leave the pizzeria on his own and has not returned.

British Columbia wildlife officials think there will be more than normal bear/human interactions this year as the berry crop is the worst its been in decades. From The Digital Journal.


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This is a great one here and

This is a great one here and I certainly couldn't hold a grudge against this bear for his choice of dinner as it's what I choose myself nearly three night a week now. Hopefully though it was a one time thing for him and he makes a better more normal choice next time or he may have sealed his own fate if he continues to take the easy way like this and becomes a problem.

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Thats pretty funny right

Thats pretty funny right there. I'm sure the store owner isnt laughing to much though but we can get a good chuckle at his expence. Now i wonder if the bear will frequent the shop now that it knows how good pizza is. If i was a pizza delivery guy I would be a little hesitant to deliver a pizza to the woods if the direction were take the first pine tree on the right go the 2nd stump through the swamp. I hope the the owner take the precautions to prevent the bear or another bear from visiting again. 

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well, i have a confession to

well, i have a confession to make.

that's not a bear. it's me. i was out on the town, had too much tequila, and well, it makes my clothes fall off. i lost my shirt in a tussle with some lawn sprin klers and... i just have some excess body hair. don't judge me.

i hope the bear hunters find him. his coat will be supreme from all the saturated fats!

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Well, I actually had pizza

Well, I actually had pizza last night, but that wasn't me..... lol

Too funny.  I guess they truly will eat anything.  Glad to see the bear came and went on it's own, and didn't cause any problems.  Would been interesting to see and hear some of the comments by the people recording the video if that bear had turned and came over to say "hi".

Hopefully he hasn't developed too much of a taste for it and wan't make a reappearance any time soon.  If he gets used to it, the local officials may have to take more drastic measures.

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That is pretty funny. Now if

That is pretty funny. Now if we ever get spring bear hunting back in Colorado I know to order a couple of Large pepperoni pizza's for my bait bucket, or would the bear prefer anchovies?

All kinding aside I am glad it turn out well. As I stated in an earlier post, the drought out west and poor natural food have pushed bears well out of their normal comfort areas in search of food. Sure hope the drought is better next year and that we see fewer conflicts. 

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  That is a pretty funny


That is a pretty funny video and I am definite all for the humor in this - thankfully it turned out this way.  Had somebody got in the way or interfered and that bear had to act on instinct this could have been a very different video. 

You can easily see the yellow ear tag on the bear so the Canadian Provincial or Federal wildlife organization had to been involved with the bear at some time.  It was reported that the bear had not returned.  Hopefully the bear has found a different source of food that is not near human living areas.

Southwestern British Columbia is largely relied on as the primary source for berry crop production.  The harsh winter followed by a wetter spring and then a hot July really decimated their berry crops.  The bears normally share in the bounty.  So with this crop failure the bears in the area will have to find their food sources elsewhere. 

I'm not knowledgable on Canadian DOW procedures but I would think they are similar as the states.  Hopefully the bears travel elsewhere but even the article admits they expect a higher human/bear interactions.  They should definitely put a higher effort on bear interaction avoidance to their public.


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That is some pretty good

That is some pretty good video. I like the help wanted sign,,,think they will get alot of people to apply for a job now.  I too agree with all the drought conditions were are having all over I can see why the berry crop is at a all time low.   Hopefully the bear will not make a habit of it...before long he will find himself in alot of trouble or worse in the back of a game and fish truck.