Bear Invites Self to Hot Tub

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Jenny Rhoades of Sanford Florida has seen black bears in the neighborhood before. She was not surprised when there was one in her yard, and ran to get her camera to take some pictures. When she came back she was in for a surprise. The bear had busted through the screen surrounding her hot tub and was making his way down to take a dip. Rhoades snapped a couple pictures, then she smacked her hands on a glass table. The sound startled the bear who then took off, using the same hole he made when entering. "He just wanted a drink of water and he was hot and he found a place to get both," Rhoades said . From Tampa Bay Online.


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I love it.  It's the same

I love it.  It's the same article I posted last week.  I can't imagine looking out and seeing that.

But hey, a bear's gotta do, what a bear's gotta do.  Even if it is taking a dip in a hot tub. lol

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this article screams for the title ‘Bear naked in the hot tub'!

Come on you KNOW that this article screams for the title ‘Bear naked in the hot tub - photos’ 

That would bring your website traffic up for sure! lol  

But then again - maybe that isn’t exactly the image that we want here at!

It’s pretty funny that everyone in the state will warn you to watch out for alligators that might wander into your swimming pool or the canal that you might anchor your boat in when you are in Florida!  You might even be told to watch out for rattle snakes, scorpions, and fire ants - But nobody warns you about the bears and now we have two reports about Florida bears within a few weeks.  The first one was the guy who stuck his hand inside the trapped bear’s box and got mauled while attempting to relocate a problem bear.  And now we have this one.  It makes me wonder if the black bear population in the state of Florida has risen significantly in recent months.

Bears do have some humanlike characteristics.  Like us they are in just about every terrain.  I wouldn’t think bears would stay in the state of Florida’s heat or Arizona’s or New Mexico’s either.  But they do. They are amazingly hard to see most of the time.  Ms. Rhoades got herself a great picture and quite a story to tell!  Thanks for sharing both of them with us. 

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Great picture but I'm not

Great picture but I'm not really sure what the bear was getting out of it. I doubt he was enjoying a drink of chlorine water and usually the temerature in the tub would be worse that the heat he was trying to escape. I bet he was more surprised than anything after he decided to hop in there. We have a hot tub as well and I know I'd sure be more than surprised if I headed out for a soak and found out I had to share with one of these guys. Fortunately seeing a bear in the neighborhood where we live is a very very rare occurence.


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what a hooot!

Great picture.  What a hoot!  If you hang around long enough you'll see bears do just about anything.  I'm sure you've all see the emails going around of the bear hanging from a rope trying to get at some food.  And there are pictures of bear sitting at picnic tables.

I sometimes get the feeling that bears have some human characteristics.  They like the same kinds of food that we do and actually enjoy playing.  I remember a hundred years ago when I was teaching elementary school that we had the old 16 mm movies that we showed the kids.  We had one from Disney called "Bear Country".  If followed the life of a couple of cubs from birth through leaving mama.  It was a great movie to show kids.  Took a little of the big bad bear image from them.  The cubs did some funny things that little kids love to do.

I'm not sure that if I had a bear in my hot tub that I'd chase it out real soon.  It would be a lot more fun watching it splash around in the hot tub.  At least the gal got a good picture or two.  How did it get onto this site?

I really didn't know there were that many bears in Florida.  That came as a surprise to me.  Here in Washington, we have the second largest population, next to Alaska, and we don't see them all that often.  I'm sure they are around, but they are very illusive creatures.