Bear Hides Not Safe in Personal Freezer

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David Harvey of Fairfield, Ill, was keeping two bear hides in a freezer in an unsecured out building on his property. The hides belong to his son, and son's friend from a Canadian hunting trip. Harvey reported the loss to local officials, along with some deer meat and a camouflage Ghillie suit. The hides are untreated, so need to be kept in the freezer, otherwise they will be unusable.

The unprocessed hides were worth more than $2,000, which includes the cost of the Canadian hunting expedition and export taxes,” said Cameron Simpson, Assistant Fairfield Police Chief. From Evansville Courier Press.


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I suppose there is a market

I suppose there is a market for bear hides somewhere but I just don't understand how anyone would take any satisfaction in displaying as thier own an animal they did not take themselves no matter how great a trophy it is. It's a shame a guy can't keep things on his own property without having to worry if it will still be there.

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The really sad thing in this

The really sad thing in this situation is that it had to be someone he knew, or at least someone who became aware that there were bear hides, a ghillie suit, and deer meat there.

Nobody randomly breaks into a building, sees those items, and say's "Hey, I think I'd like some bear hides".  Heck, most people would probably not even know what they were.

Even worse, it was most likely another hunter who did it, because they knew the value.  Random tweakers won't take something like that to sell at a pawn shop for a quick buck.

Very sad....

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That is too bad that someone

That is too bad that someone has the balls to break into someones house and take some thing that someone else has very obvisouly worked very hard for....just like stealing someones TV.  Jerks!