Bear Finds It's Not So Easy To Take Candy From a Baby

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Police in northern Monroe County, Pennsylvania were receiving phone calls from concerned citizens that had heard gunshots. When they arrived on the scene on Ventnor Drive in Poconos County they discovered Wayne Darmand had shot 3 times to scare off a black bear. Darmand had been working in his yard when he heard children screaming, he looked over the fence and saw a large bear by a toddler and a group of children. The bear had been in the area searching for food, and was attracted to what the toddler had; a handful of gummi bears.

Darmand ran and got his firearm and came to the rescue. It took 3 shots before the bear ran off into the woods. Darmand is not in trouble as he was protecting the children and didn't break any laws. Officials say that shooting at a bear in a populated area is not the best way to handle the situation though, yelling and making loud noises should usually work. From The Morning Call.


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Let’s hope that there are no repeat offenses.

We don’t typically think of Pennsylvania as ‘Bear Country’ but black bear are all over.  I think they are in every single state except Hawaii. 

I agree with Arrowflipper.  Mr. Darmand made a good call on both getting the gun and not immediately shooting the bear, although in my opinion he would have been perfectly justified in doing so to defend the children (or anyone else).  Any wild animal can be unpredictable, but mix a child with a predator and you have the potential for a tragic encounter with wildlife even when no one (including the animal) is doing anything wrong.  Throwing food in the mix just makes it worse, the only thing more volatile would be to throw multiple animals in like a mother with young, or an attempted breeding in progress to throw hormones in to ramp up the situation.  Thank God this encounter turned out well for everyone involved – including the bear.  Let’s hope that there are no repeat offenses. 

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Shouting and yelling and making lots of noise "usually" works.  But what about when it doesn't?  I really believe Darmand did the right thing in getting a firearm.  When there are children involved, who thinks about just yelling at a bear?  What if the yelling only confused the bear and made it react in a far different manner, with horrible consequences?  I wonder if the police would recommend just yelling then?

I commend Darmand for getting his gun and NOT shooting at the bear.  He fired near the bear to scare it off.  But, had the bear reacted differently and attacked the children, a firearm was right there.  People, when confronted with a dangerous situation like this one, react in the way they think is most logical and safe.  That's what Darmand did.

I sure hope the parents of the children are greatful to that man for his quick actions.  A great big "Atta-boy" to Darmand!!