Bear Cub Looking for Healthy Snack in Alaska

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A bear used the automatic doors to enter Tatsuda's IGA in Ketchikan, Alaska. An employee made an announcement that there was a bear in the produce aisle, the cub had gotten up into the produce bins. He was crying, and a customer grabbed him and set him outside hoping the cub would find his mother.

As of Monday morning the bear had not been seen again, so hopefully he was reunited with mama bear. The bear was unusually small for this time of the year, so there are questions of whether he may be an orphan or not. There were no sows seen in the vicinity. From


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Oh boy!! this could have

Oh boy!! this could have turned out very bad if mamma was around. I wonder where mamma was and why the cub was wondering around by it's self. There seems to be a trend going on in Alaska with the bears coming into towns looking for food. I guess it's not just Alaska, It's been happening all across the states. I hope this year with all there bear encounters is just a fluke year and not the start of a new trend. In Oregon the number of bear related issues have been climbing every year since the ban on bait and dogs for hunting. I'm glad the story turned out the way it did and not with mamma mauling someone and people getting hurt or killed.  

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That could have been very

That could have been very ugly if mama bear was around for sure. As stated that cub looked very small for this time of year and have my doubts if it will make it thru to the spring. I know there are allot of bears in Alaska but that still had to a very unique situation and not something you see every day.

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  Mamma bear sent the cub in


Mamma bear sent the cub in to find anchovies for the pizza they were going to have later! 

Seriously had mamma bear been in the vacinity of that front door this could have had a much different ending... luckily she was not. 

Seeing how small that cub was maybe he was the runt of the litter.  Hopefully that cub does make it back to mamma bear as I don't think he can survive the winter there.  Having not seen the cub again since earlier in the week gives out hope that it was reunited with mamma bear.



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It seems like we have a trend

It seems like we have a trend starting here. The last report was of a bear in a pizza parlor so at least things are improvng health wise as this one chose the produce dpartment for his meal. It would have been a surprise for the person that carried him back outside if mamma bear had been just out side the doors waiting. Hopefully he was reunited but it sounds like he may have been on his own and will have a hard time of it.

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Well, that's not something

Well, that's not something you see every day. :lol:  Can't imagine what would have happened if mama was right there with him.  I'd have been out of that store really quickly!

Hopefully he found his mom.