Bear Attacks Boy in Tent

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Rick Voss was with his family at a Colorado Bowhunters Association event, camping at Twin Lakes by Leadville. Rick who is 13 was sleeping in a tent with his 15 year old cousin Brandon Landis. The boys heard noises outside their tent, and it turned out to be a bear going through the campsite looking for food. Then the bear started poking at the tent. Rick said he laid still, because he didn't want the bear to get mad, but the bear became more violent thrashing around, first nibbling, then biting. The bear tried to drag Rick out of the tent, but just managed in pulling off his pajamas. At one point Brandon was able to get out of the tent and run to get help. The bear started chasing Brandon, and with the commotion more campers came out and scared the bear off. Rick was taken to Children's Hospital in Denver for treatment. Rick had scrapes, bruises, and a cut, and should be released today. Both of the boys are shaken after the incident.

Officers and tracking dogs combed the area to look for the bear and eventually found a 200-pound male bear that matched the description of the attacker about 3/4 mile from the campsite. The bear was put down shortly before 7 p.m. From The Denver Post.


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Thats just nuts. This wasn't

Thats just nuts. This wasn't the only insident this year with bears trying to drag young kid out of their tents. If I remember right officials decided to close down a couple camp ground this summer until they could take care of the bear problems. It just goes as a reminder to all campers in bear country that you need to keep you camp site nice and clean and keep the food inside a car or truck and keep food or snacks out of your tent. If a bear smells it they will try to get it. I have read somewhere that a bear can smell tuna in a sealed can. I'm very glad the boy wasn't injuried too bad and was mostly just shaken up. If I remember right their was a young man not so lucky in Utah he was attacked in his tent but was killed. I hope the family learned something here and take care to not have this happen again. There sure has been a lot of bear problems this year not only black bears but grizzlies as well. I hope it was just a fluke year and not the start of a new trend.

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Wow, to hear of that once is

Wow, to hear of that once is amazing in itself, but this is at least the second time.  This kid is lucky.  Unbelievable.

Didn't the family of the last boy that was killed after being drug away from his tent by a bear just win a major lawsuit:?  i think they said that the authorities had known that there was a bear bothering campers, and did not properly alert all of the campers.

Glad to see that they were able to catch up to this bear and deal with him.  It's a sad situation to be in, but if he has become that aggressive, he has obviously lost his fear of humans.  Funny thing, but I knew that there would be bleeding hearts all over the comment section talking about why the bear had to be put down, as one person said, "for following it's instincts". 

I wonder if they were the ones being dragged out of the tent, if they would feel differently.

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Glad to hear that the young

Glad to hear that the young man is OK.  I was gonna goto the Jamboree this year, but had a scheduiling conflict.  I too am suprised that with all thosem people around that the bear would have windered into the camping area.  Glad to see he was taken care of.  Lastthing we all need is yet another bear running around chasing campers and hikers.  Bear is lucky he came at night...alot of bow hunters could have dispatched him real quick had it been daytime.

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First of all it's good to see

First of all it's good to see that the boy only recieved minor injuries and will recover quickly. Second I find it interesting that everywhere I read on the internet everyone seems to assume everything was done wrong by the campers. It is entirely possible that is the case but maybe not either. One of the reports says there were nearly 300 people in the campsite, so I bet there were a lot of smells from all the cooking that had been going on to be only looking for a carton of eggs in a cooler that may have even been in the back of a truck on the other side of the campground for all we know. The bear still went after a person and obviously had little fear of people that may have come from bad practices from previous campers. I really think it's hard to say who caused the problem here but I'm glad it all turned out good in the end.

This was an unfortunate

This was an unfortunate incident- but if you are in nature you need to take precautions and it does NOT seem like there were any precautions taken. There was food out at the camp site, article does not mention if the boys had food in the tent, but that is stuff you can not do to be safely camping in a tent! Bears are down lower still this year because of the late and long winter, campers need to use a little common sense. I've been camping when there have been bears, a mom and two cubs, and you know what- I take full responsibility for leaving out the dog's food. It was my fault the bears came at all.

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Bears, Bears, and more

Bears, Bears, and more bears!!  this is turning in to the summer of bears.  some good but most bad.  All these incidents are not helping the bear cause.  its a shame a kid got hurt, but i just wonder how much training went in to teaching the kids what to do about bears.