Bear Attacks in Aspen Colorado

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Two different campers were bitten in their tents within a couple of days in the Maroon Bells area outside of Aspen, Colorado. Now there is an extra need for caution, and speculation if it is one single bear or more that are attacking tents. The two most recent attacks happened Friday and Saturday and were about a mile and a half apart. Tuesday morning a vacant tent was collapsed by a bear 6 miles south of Aspen.

Usually when bears attack tents it is due to improper food storage, or leaving trash around. Both of the incidents near Crater Lake were properly bear-proofed. At one camp the food was in a tree, 75 feet away from the tents and the other was equally as clean.

Friday around 5:30 am a bear crashed a tent, and bit one of the campers inside the tent. The bite only resulted in minor injuries. Then Saturday morning there were 3 different campers sleeping in separate tents at Minnehaha Gulch. A little after 2 am a bear crashed a tent and bit the 51 yr old male occupant's leg, he yelled and his camping companions came. They yelled and tried to scare the bear off but he lingered in the area.

Wildlife officials are using dogs to track the bear/bears that are responsible for these attacks. If they are found they will be destroyed.

Due to recent attacks some campgrounds in Colorado have banned tents and soft-sided campers. Those campgrounds are Glade Park in Mesa County and Mud Springs campground. From


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I hunt on some private

I hunt on some private property in southwest Colorado and just returned from a successful mule deer hunt. While there and being a solo camper too, the owner showed me some trail cam pictures of a 200 pound black bear that had been visiting the apple tree beside the house for the past 4 nights. Needless to say I was a little nervous each night and made darn certain I did all the right things to keep that bear away from my camp. I was also prepared for any situation while field dressing my doe.


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This is just a few miles away

This is just a few miles away from me so I get to read the different reports in the paper pretty often. We have had quite a few bear attacks this year and it's a little disturbing to think about it. In the past I have never been the least bit concerned when I was out and about or camping but the events of this year are starting to change that way of thinking for me. What's interesting is that the actual occurences for problem bears this year is not very high and in no way has matched some of the peak years from awhile back.

Hopefully this attack trend does not continue any longer  so no more people get hurt and no more bears have to be destroyed.

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Bear or Moose?

Wow that is kinda scary.  Can't say this story didn't run through my head while solo camping opening weekend. I'll have to admit, jumping moose seems much more dangerous than running into that desperate of a bear.