Banff National Park Second Grizzly Death in a Month

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A female grizzly was struck and killed by a train in Banff National Park. There was no grain around where she died, nor was there any in her stomach when a necropsy was done. Grain is one reason bears will hang around train tracks, but not in this case. The female grizzly leaves behind two yearling cubs.

Earlier in May a large male grizzly was struck on the Trans-Canada Highway. From The Vancouver Sun.


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Interesting.  I wonder how

Interesting.  I wonder how the grizzly cubs will fare after their mom was hit by the train. It does not mentionwhat they did with them, if they even found them.

I can imagine that it would be tough to try and raise them.  I have seen all sorts of orphaned wildlife "adopted" by some wildlife rescue center, or something to that effect, but rarely,if ever, grizzlies.

Some commenters mention hunting.  Always funny to read the comments.

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Hopefully it is just some

Hopefully it is just some sort of freak of nature that has the caused these two to die and not some random person up there causing some trouble.