Bad Idea

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Walmart gets a lot of ribbing about who shops there, but now the Walmart in DeKalb County, Alabama might get a little more ridiculing. Two teenage boys took some deer bombs from the outdoors section, put them into pockets in the clothing section and set them off. This caused about $11,000 in damages. Just smelling a closed package of deer urine is enough to turn some stomachs, cannot imagine what the smell of a couple deer bombs going off does to a store.

Clint Taylor Bailey and Christopher Lamar Weathers are both 18 years of age, and now are being charged with felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor theft. The two teens are out on $13,000 bond. From


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old and wise

People are like animals, they are young and stupid before they become old and wise. Expensive but all and all harmless


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I'm glad they didn't have

I'm glad they didn't have deer bombs when I was a kid (at least I don't remember ever seeing them in the stores as a kid).  I probably would have done something similar with them.  I did use "fart spray" to stink up a couple of department stores and public restrooms.  That was good times and fortunately it didn't get me arrested.

I'd have to agree with Biker.  Let the kids be kids and teach them a lesson by making restitution, not giving them a criminal record.

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With society the way it is a

With society the way it is a kid can't be a kid these days.

On the news I recently learned that an eleven year old was arrested for farting in class.

Come on, really? That's a crime worthy of being placed in handcuffs and taken to juvie? While these youngsters, eighteen is young, should be made to pay for the damage I don't see why it should become criminal unless they fail to make restitution.


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i too was bored as a

i too was bored as a teenager... causing trouble around every corner.

i too, laughed. but that may have been a little over the line.

sorry boys! big brother is ALWAYS watching.

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  Going to be an expensive


Going to be an expensive lesson here.  I admit I laughed when I read it... but stupidity got the best of them boys.

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That's just plain dumb!  (But

That's just plain dumb!

 (But maybe not as dumb as a few things I did when I was young and foolish.)