Authorities Looking for Black Bear in New Jersey

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Stokes State Forest is where two young boys were injured by a black bear on a camping trip Wednesday morning. An officer shot the bear when he re-entered the camp. The shot was to the neck, but it does not appear to be fatal. Several state agencies are working together to track the black bear. At this point the bear could be anywhere in the 16,000 acre state forest.

One of the boys was swiped on the shoulder and one has a puncture wound on his foot. It was their first night at the camp. This was the first black bear encounter of the season for New Jersey. The bear is estimated to be around 2 years old and was probably pushed out by his mother. Since the bear attacked the boys and then charged through the camp he is considered dangerous, and will be put down once tracked. From


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Another bear attack to add to

Another bear attack to add to the long list of them we have been reading about this year. Most all of them have been either out west in Colorado or Wyoming and a few more in Canada. This one in New Jersey shows it is not just an isolated incident but becoming more widespread. some of it is better reporting but I'm sure there have been a lot more than normal. Hopefully they can track this one down before he causes any more problems or hurts anyone else. That is the problem with most police weapons as they are largely unsuitable for dealing with game animals such as a bear. A 12 guage slug would have been the best choice to take care of this one before he got away.

At least the boys were not seriously injured and will have a quite a story to tell in the future.