Army Rangers Wrestle Gators at Florida Alligator Farm

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Five army rangers from Camp Rudder at Eglin Air Force Base were able to spend the day learning how to identify and trap alligators and other reptiles. The five are instructors from the camp, that will then take their new found knowledge and instruct others in the camp. The hands on experience is a great way for the rangers to learn. The farm was presented with a plaque from the Rangers for their appreciation.

From the First Coast News:

The instructors will use what they learned at the farm to train other members of the camp's reptile team, which is responsible for keeping soldiers safe in areas where dangerous wildlife may be present.


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That is a great article. 

That is a great article.  Gald to see some reporting on some goodstories for once.  Gotta the the military and all they do for us to stay safe in all manners.

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What amazes me about things

What amazes me about things like this is that you never fully understand how big the military actually is, and how much of a support staff there is.

Most people will think that you simply have a bunch of guys running around with guns shooting people.  But, these bases are cities in their own right. There are dentiasts, spas, whatever you want, and now, apparantly, reptile removal teams. lol

I guess if you have alot of alligators and such, you have to have someone who knows how to safely get rid of them.  Good article!