Arkansas Lifetime Hunting/Fishing Licenses for Retired Veterans

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Now available for retired veterans are lifetime combination Arkansas hunting and fishing licenses at $35.50. To purchase one of these licenses one must be an Arkansas resident, 60 years or older, and have a valid Arkansas license and a military license. This was created by House Bill 1477, sponsored by Rep. Randy Stewart of Kirby, Rep. John Catlett of Rover and Rep. Butch Wilkins of Bono, and signed into legislation in March by Gov. Beebe.

"This was an idea that the governor had," said Stewart, a retired Army lieutenant colonel. "The Yellow Ribbon Task Force has been studying various options for military veterans. The National Guard liked this as a recruiting and retention tool. People who may be thinking about retirement before they have 20 years may stay so that they take advantage of this opportunity."From Area Wide News.


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This is a great program and I

This is a great program and I wish even more states would pick it up to show appreciation for waht these men and women have done. The only thing that would make it better is to provide them at no charge at all as the amount being charged now is as small as it is.

A big thank you to the state of Arkansas for doing this and leading the way for other states to follow.

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Very nice!  You can never do

Very nice!  You can never do enough to reward those veterans who go and fight for our country!  Lifetime licenses for very cheap is a great way to go!!!

Kudos to Arkansas!!!