Arkansas Approves New Military Licenses

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Retired and disabled military personnel in Arkansas now have a new benefit, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. The retired license is for retired military personnel 60 and over, and the price is the same as an annual license (see list below) and will be valid for the rest of the holder's life. The disabled military licenses are available to residents of Arkansas who have been disabled due to a service related injury, and also are the same price but valid for the rest of the holder's life. The licenses will go into effect July 1, from the Time Record.

A combination license for hunting and fishing is $35.50. Fishing license is $10.50. Hunting license is $25. Waterfowl permit (duck stamp) is $7. Trout permit is $5.


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I am all for this program and

I am all for this program and others like it that honor our military and all that they do. I hope all other states will see this and follow suit to show thier support. The only thing that would make it better is to reduce the age requirement and possibly even remove the retired stipulation. Many men and women serve this country but don't put in the years needed for a retirement but still deserve more recognition for their service.

Thank you again to all who have served.

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i'm glad to see some states

i'm glad to see some states giving back to their citizens that served. nowadays, our military staff gives up so much in service to their country, and for what? housing and student loans through their GI bill have definate funding issues and most of them are made to serve past the end of their contracted enlistment.

i know that some of my friends are making careers out of the military, but they give up ALL of 20-30 years of their life with no time to themselves and no time for their friends or family.

way to go Arkansas!