Arizona Gun Club Finds a Niche Market to Fill

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Now parents and children can get their picture taken with Santa - and Santa's machine guns. The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona has a backdrop featuring a stunning $80,000 Garwood mini-gun and SGC's coolest belt fed machine guns including the M60, M249 and M240.

Along with the backdrop there is the man in the red suit, and toddlers, children, and parents are allowed to hold machine guns for the seasonal photo. For members the cost is $5 and non-members pay $10. There have been hundreds of people participating. Maybe Santa is not so scary to the children if they can hold a machine gun. From


So Cool

My boys would have love to have that photo to talk to their friends about. My son Mack still would he is 14 this year totally missed the hockey season broken clavical doing urban extreem cycling. on the day he was cleared for hocky again he broke two bones in his wrist snow boarding. I think a nice safe quite sport like hunting may bore him to death but not if he could take his mountain bike.

But to have his photo taken with the guns he uses on Modern War Fare Three with santas picture would be gold . Hell he may get kicked out if he took it to school just to show his teacher. He would be more famous than when he dated a grade ten girl in grade eight.

Could I borrow this story for a post on my website. I would just run it on the front page for Dec it could get a lot of pings stumbled and twittered. Well I stumbled it to 20 million members already.

Merry Christmas all.


Sure, you're welcome to share the story!

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excuse me while I laugh here

lol excuse me while I laugh here for a minute.  I just turned to my wife to show her the photo, and ask her if we could get my sons photos taken like this, and I got the simple "No" as she looked over at me with a frown.  Oh well, I tried.

I too think it's a great idea what the Scottsdale gun club is doing.  I do agree that it would have to be done tastefully, and it could be used as a stepping stone to teaching kids gun safety.  the only problem I sould see is that the kids might get tempted to use the guns on 8 of Santa's sled team. Wink

The only negative I could see is that it might turn some people off in Arizona, with the Giffords tragedy last year.  Most of those people though don't see that she is very moderate, and I believe pro-gun.   Anyway, very cool idea!

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  Now that is an outstanding


Now that is an outstanding idea!  Most likely not the kind of portrait suitable for all of the good little boys and girls out there but most definitely a niche market... and a very cool one in deed.  My granddaughter in her camo onesies on Santa's lap would be a fantastic shot.  However, I am also certain that this little fun concept is going to be taken wrong by an anti-gun group or possibly some of out govenrment officials and have this thing blown out of proportion - especially when they see some youth involved.  From reading the article it sounds as if this is being controlled by having parents and the kids within the picture and not just kids alone.  Regardless it is a fun concept for those of us who enjoy our firearms legally and want a different swing on taking the picture of the kids in Santa's lap.  I don't see any elves but I'm certain they were all toting a gun as well!!!