Arizona Deer Hunters Find Pot Stash

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Pierre Mondotte and Anthony Piazza of Scottsdale were tracking a deer near Sasabe Arizona. They split up to go around a mountain to follow the deer. Mondotte spotted something that he thought was a body. After closer inspection they found it was burlap covering a pile of tin foil wrapped marijuana.

The men hiked out the next day and contacted National Guardsmen. The amount of marijuana was about 126 lbs, and worth around $101,000 according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. From


Arizona Deer Hunters Find Pot Stash

Things like this is why we don't hunt the southern part of our state anymore. You don't know who you will run into, and it's dangerous. We started running into so much trash, clothes, plastic bottles, and human feces, left behind behind by smugglers/human traffickers, it just didn't seem worth the risk anymore to hunt our usual locations near the border as it got worse. It was obvious they were using routes through the unit we hunted, and on top of that recommendations not to camp, move at night, etc. sure didn't make us feel any better. Maybe a new Prez will take the initiative to do something about the problem instead of suing the state for trying something, but not sure I will hold my breath on that...? It's beautiful country down there, and I miss hunting the Cous deer, so it's a real shame what is going on, and to the environment as well I might add.

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Nice!  No surprise there.

Nice!  No surprise there. Actually, probably alot more than you would think laying around out there.  They see law enforcement, drop the drugs, and start running back south.