Arizona Cancels 19B Pronghorn Hunts

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The planning and building of a new commercial solar power plant on the Chino Grande Ranch has led to the closure of all unit 19B hunts this fall. The 19B hunts are some of the most sought after in the state and the closure means 65 tags are being canceled. The Chino Valley Review has a write up on the history of the Chino Grande Ranch and what led to the closure.

Ranch owners informed Game and Fish last week that they won't allow any hunting this fall on the nearly 50,000-acre ranch in the Big Chino Valley, so the commission members voted to cancel the entire 19B hunt. This was the first time in the commission's history it canceled a hunt because of a public access closure, Commission Chair Robert Woodhouse said.


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Draw results won't be out till this week at the earliest.

Noboby has been drawn for a tag yet.  If this was their first choice, it will roll to their second choice and so on.  If you don't get drawn, you get your money back and a bonus point.  No one is really losing anything, just fewer tags for one year while they sort things out and get it right. 

AZ Game & Fish does a great job with a huge amount of public hunting land to manage.

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Like Jaybe I am a little

Like Jaybe I am a little confused with this one. It says the ranch makes up about 35% of the antelope habitat in the unit, so what about the other 65% ?  It may have something to do with all the state lands they have leased up also but I don't know. I does say for sure there are other ranches in the area so it's a shame to see the whole thing shut down. It almost sounds like this ranch just wants to put an end to the hutning anyway and is just looking for an excuse. I don't like using the word ranch when they are talking about subdivisions either as it just adds more confusion to these land situations.

Hopefully they can figure something out as Arizona has very limited antelope hunting opportunity already without cutting it back even more.

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I am a little confused here.

I am a little confused here. It sounds like the owners of this ranch are planning to install a solar power facility on their property and have decided to not allow hunting this fall. This might be for the safety of the workers that will be involved in the project, but I don't know. So then the Game and Fish commission decides to close the entire hunting unit to antelope hunting? Is this intended to make the ranch owners look like the bad guy?

I see that the ranch in question is 50,000 acres; how large is unit 19B? It seems that there might still be plenty of room for hunters to pursue antelope in whatever land in the area is not part of the ranch.

I'm sure there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. It sure sounds like 4,780 hunters are going to be disappointed this year.