Archers Will Have Access to Deer in Sioux Falls

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Last year 70 access permits were given to archers, and 21 deer were killed in a northeastern part of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Part of the area open was flooded though, so this year the area is being moved and extended a zone. There are about 300-400 deer wthin city limits that need thinning out. Car-deer accidents have been increasing as hunters have pushed deer into city limits. This year there will be 77 access permits available.

The season runs from September 28th to January 3rd. Applications will be accepted until September 2nd. Each hunter must have a statewide antlerless archery license before signing up and must attend one of two orientation meetings at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls. The hunters have two weeks in a specified area to take a deer. From


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I have seen many reports

I have seen many reports lately on the cities that are approcing hunts like this as they really have no other option to get the deer under control inside of town. As long as the rules are followed and obeyed most of these hunts seem to go off with very good success and no problems. I get a kick out of it though when they say that the deer have been pushed into town by the hunters. I fail to see where deer woul seek refuge among thousands of people and cars to avoid the limited number of guys chasing them around out in the woods and fields. Just somebody trying to get a bad word in I guess. Well hopefully this hunt continues to go on with the same great results that most of the others have had.