Another Use for Duct Tape

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Pathway Community Church near Jackson, Michigan had a newcomer Monday. Motorists driving by the church reported seeing an alligator, a rather unusual sight in Michigan. Police came to the scene and were able to slip a noose around the gator and then wrapped duct tape to keep the mouth as hazard-free as possible. The alligator was around 6 feet long and will be sent to a sanctuary.

It is believed the alligator was recently released, someone's pet that had outgrown its environment. The alligator would not have survived a Michigan winter outdoors. From MSNBCNews.


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Gotta love how akll these

Gotta love how akll these pets keep gett relaesed into the wild.  I wonder how that pet owner would have felt if that gator had killed or injured a small child.  Gotta love duct tape...almost fix anything around.

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I love duct tape.  It has got

I love duct tape.  It has got to be some of the most useful stuff on the face of the earth.  I have rolls of duct tape in each vehicle, my camping gear, my pack, my fishing gear, and of course, my hunting pack.  About the only other items I'd add to the "most useful" list is zip ties and my trusty pocket knife.

Kudos to the Michgan cops for their use of duct tape.  Solved the problem quickly.

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Well they say any problem can

Well they say any problem can be taken care of with duct tape and now it looks like they were right.  It's ashame stuff like this keeps happening though as I believe this is the third such case I have read about in the last year. I know people a desperate to get rid of an out of control pet they can't handle but to doom it to death like this is just wrong. In my mind it would be better to just destroy it than leave it out to die or worsr hurt another person. It's possible some of the other stories propmpted this one to be dumped like it was.

Any way it's good to see the gator was saved and willl likely live his life out very happily now in his new home.

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  See that is how it is done


See that is how it is done - a couple of township police, a noose, and some duct tape is all you need to catch a gator!  Maybe that town in PA could have used these guys about 6 weeks ago!?

Seriously though another situation where a pet alligator is turned loose (and not in the wild as the article indicates) to fend for itself in an environment which will surely kill it.  What are these owners thinking?  They are not thinking - they know the winters will kill these gators.  They are also not thinking as the general public could have possibly been seriously injured coming across this gator.  I certainly hope somebody saw something or knows the pet owner and turns the individual in to the police.

I did some additional search and found the alligator was beeing sent to a sanctuary in Athens, Michigan - a small town in the southwestern part of the state.  Here is their web site address...

The sanctuary does take on "rescued" gators but the owner must pay the sanctuary to take it... thus most likely why gators are released into the general public areas or waters instead of taking it to a sanctuary.

At least the alligator will be able to live out its life in an environment that protects it from the Michigan winter temperatures and will become a learning tool for all those that visit the sanctuary.