Another Poacher Nailed on Facebook

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According to the Star Tribune a 20 year-old has been caught after he posted his ill-gotten game on Facebook.

The hunter posted a photo on Facebook of a small buck he killed in September during the archery season, then posted a photo of an 8-point trophy buck he arrowed in October. In Minnesota, hunters can kill only one buck per season. He later posted a photo of him and two buddies posing with 12 Canada geese they shot.

"In the caption, he wrote it was a 'three-man limit of geese,' " Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Travis Muyres said. But the daily bag limit is three geese apiece, meaning they were three over their limit.

Catching poachers with their own photos on Facebook seems to be a trend, back in September a Florida couple was cited for poaching a deer that they had posted on Facebook as well.


Good Grief

Thanks genius, chalk another one up for our hunter movement.  Its brillance like this that give the non-hunters great impressions of the rest of us.  Where do they learn this from?  Amazing thought process.  What will they do next?

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Serves them right and I think

Serves them right and I think both of you are right. Some poachers are stupid and some poachers are arrogant. And some yet are both stupid and arrogant. It amazes me what some people will do. How in the world did these people think it was a good idea to post these on facebook? They were stupid enough to poach in the first place so I guess I should not be that surprised that they would then post the evidence for everyone to see. I am with you Gatorfan... I immediatly thought of poacher x when I read this story. I am sure that that guy is going to get what is coming to him too. I wonder how smart and witty he is going to feel when he gets smacked with a big fine and hopefully a little more punishment. Seems like these idiots are making it too easy for law enforcement to get them. But I have no problem with that at all. The more of these people that get caught, the better.

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It is amazing what people

It is amazing what people post on the net.  Some young mother just got in trouble because she posted a youtube video of her son smoking pot.  She couldn't understand the big deal, it was just fun.  Young people post naked pictures of themselves and all kinds of other stupid stuff.

I don't understand it, but it is the mentality of today's youth that they can do what they want on the net without consequence.  A sad reflection on the stupidity of some of our younger generation - present company not included.

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It is just crazy waht

It is just crazy waht somepeople think they can get away with.  He may or may not have gotten away with but when you go public with all your adventure there are alot of cyber cops out there just looking for things that are not right when it comes to the huning culture.  I have seen many a guy called out on just simple thing like not wearing orange in your picture while posing with a big game animal and your rifle.  Sounds like they could tack some more charges on but maybe gonna go soft on him as he did confess and appears to be cooperating.  At the end it sounds crazy that 101,000 deer were killed in three days....that is a crazy number of hunters in the field or can they kill more than one doe??

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I usually take my hunter

I usually take my hunter orange off when I have my picture taken.  I want to look purdy for the camera and orange is not my color.  i do wear it religously as I believe it is an important safety tool.  I will just have to remember not to post those pics on facebook.

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I don't think it's stupidity

I don't think it's stupidity I think it's arrogance some people just don't give a damn.

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C'mon CVC, let's take it easy

C'mon CVC, let's take it easy on the kid.  Maybe he truly thought 3 x 3 = 12.  lol

I agree, absolutely stupid.  Stupid enough to do it regardless, but then to post it on facebook?  Unreal.  This has become a great tool for law enforcement to use while looking for these sorts of criminals.  Heck, most of the reason these guys poach is for braggin purposes, and what a better place for them to brag then on a site that has a few million readers.

Good to get guys like this weeded out of the gene pool......

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Alright that actually made me

Alright that actually made me laugh out loud.  I know you were kidding, but there actually might be some truth to it.  Nowadays, kids can't add let alone multiply so maybe they thought they didn't exceed the limit. 

Bragging is one of the greatest downfalls for criminals and one of the best tools for law enforcement to catch them.  I guess facebook just makes it easier.  He probably never thought law enforcement might be alerted if he posted on facebook.

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Poacher X will soon learn

Bragging is one of the greatest downfalls for criminals and one of the best tools for law enforcement to catch them.

And that is exactly what I expect to be the downfall of "Poacher X"

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Talk about stupid, but most

Talk about stupid, but most criminals are just that - stupid.  Why can't people just abide by the rules.  Did that one goose really add to your hunting pleasure where three wouldn't?  I don't know about hte rest of you, but I don't think the fines were high enough.  For poaching the deer the fine he is facing is only $800.  I really think where someone knowling and willingly poaches a deer, the fine should be $10,000.  Mistakes happen and people shouldn't be punished too severely for an honest mistake, but this was no mistake.  It was a wanton violation of the law.