Another Mountain Lion Turns Up in Missouri

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Over the weekend a group of coyote hunters shot and killed a mountain lion in northeastern Missouri. While this cat, along with the one we mentioned last week still need to be checked to verify they are wild, this definitely looks like cats are moving east.

Connect Mid Missouri has a write up on this most recent cougar that weighs in at 130 pounds.

A group of hunters looking for coyotes Saturday instead came within 20 yards of the mountain lion, and shot and killed the animal. The Missouri Department of Conservation says it happened on land owned by an Amish man. State officials estimate the mountain lion weighed 130 pounds.


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That's a big kitty! Once

That's a big kitty!

Once again though, I felt drawn to the comments on the bottom.  Will I ever learn?  doesn't accomplish anything but getting me mad. Ugh!