Another Incentive for Wolf Hunters in Bitterroot Valley, Montana

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The Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association knows that the hunters of Montana's Bitterroot Valley have been hurting. The elk numbers in that area have declined steadily and with the decline in the population, the hunting opportunities were decreased as well. Without hunting opportunities, non-resident hunters aren't coming to the area either, so the economy is also hurting.

One way to help the population, is to decrease predation on the elk. With this idea the Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association (RCFWA) wanted to give hunters an incentive to stay out there after the normal big game season ended and continue hunting wolves. Every hunter that harvests a wolf after December 1st can enter their name into a drawing for a CZ 527 M1 American .223-caliber rifle. The rifle is valued at $650 and will hopefully keep some hunters out in the Bitterroot Valley on the hunt for the wolves. From The Missoulian.


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Well, if the idea of winning

Well, if the idea of winning a nice .223 is not enough to get some hunters out there to kill some wolves, I don't know what is.  That's an interesting Incentive that Montana is offering for hunters in the Bitteroot Valley area.  This is a prime example for the anti-hunters and activists what can happen if you do not properly manage the balance between predators and prey.  They care so much for something like the wolf, that they do not think about the elk or deer populations.

Plus, as it sort of explained, they do not take into account the economic impact that it has on the area.  Less elk, less tags, less hunters, less money.  It's pretty self explanatory.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to get a wolf this month!  Would be cool to see someone off of BGH get one.

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  It looks like Montana needs


It looks like Montana needs to tweak their wolf management program for this area.  The full article states that the elk AND moose plus deer have all suffered in the last 5 years.  With most likely the continuing trend of falling big game numbers I think this lottery is the 1st step in what is needed to correct the wolf population Bitterroot Valley.  I would think a $650 rifle would be a good incentive to stay and harvest a wolf while you were out there already for the elk.  I would think time will tell whether this special incentive paid off or did little to complete the quota.  Should the quota not be met I think they keep the season open until it is met.  I have to agree here with Biker as these wolves cost this area far more than just a couple of elk and that needs to be quickly corrected otherwise this downturn in resident and non-resident hunters will only continue until the numbers are back up to where they were prior to the 5 year downturn.


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That is a pretty good

That is a pretty good incentive to stay out in the field.  I do not need mych to wanna keep me in the filed but a chance at a really nice gun would just make it the icing on the cake.

Wolves are a huge problem up there and in Wyoming, hopefully the states can get it all worked out before the damage is so bad that hunting will go from bad to worse and then maybe just shut down in some areas and from there I am sure that some small town and your smaller outfiter will have some hard years ahead of them.  My hats off the Montan for putting this together to help to try and stop the problem.

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For me this is just more proof that wolves create more problems than they solve.

Kudos to Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association for stepping up and trying to entice hunters to do something about a problem that shouldn't even exist as far as I'm concerned.