Another Bear Attack on Elk Hunter

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Yet another hunter has been attacked by a grizzly bear. Timothy Hix of Jackson, Wyoming was elk hunting on Sunday in Grand Teton National Park. He was headed south over Glacier Overlook and surprised what he believes to be a grizzly bear. The grizzly bear was about 10 yards away. Hix did not have his pepper spray ready, so he dropped to the ground and covered his head. The bear bit him a couple of times, and may have swiped at him.

Hix was able to call for help. It took responders 45 minutes to reach him, and treat him in the field then get him to a hospital. He was in good condition today, with a possibility of going home later today.

Everything he did was correct in dealing with a bear. The bear was surprised and attacked, it is a lone incident. Hix had not killed an elk, just had the misfortune of taking a bear by surprise. Tips for safety:

* Hunt with a partner.

* Carry bear spray (required).

* Avoid “dark” timber during mid-day when bears may be using a day-bed.

* Have a predetermined plan of action for retrieving harvested game from the field.

* Be extra cautious after making a kill and when hunting in areas where animals have recently been harvested.

* Avoid hunting in areas where fresh bear sign is repeatedly observed.

* Avoid gut piles.

From National Parks Traveller and Seattle PI.


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Mr. Hix is one lucky man for

Mr. Hix is one lucky man for sure. I think it would have been allot worse if he had and elk down and had any blood on him from that. As stated many time, hunting alone in grizzly country is not a great idea. I understand sometimes you cannot find a partner but still would have to really think about hunting alone. Glad he is alright and it seems more of a bad chance meeting than the bear aggresivly attacking which is a good thing.  

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Unfortunately, alot of the

Unfortunately, alot of the things they tell you to avoid are things that go along with hunting.  Avoid gut piles?  Okay, check!  Avoid places where animals have been recently harvested?  Check!  Finally, avoid dense timber during mid day?  Check.  All of those things go along with hutning public ground.  So many overlapping hunts, it's hard to avoid.

Glad to see this guy came out relatively unharmed.  Many, many bear attackes this year. This guys appears to have done everythign correctly.

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  Just way too many bear


Just way too many bear encounters this year.  I don't know if it is due to food sources being more limited or there are more bears in the areas being hunted or there are more hunters out there or even a combination of all.  With all that we have read about this year there will definitely be a push for the remainder of this year for being more focused and aware fo possible bear encounters plus a greater push come next year when the elk and deer seasons begin.

We don't have grizzly here where I hunt but the possibility of a black bear encounter is still there.  I have already purchased my bear pepper spray and have practiced in the field behind the house.  I feel I am ready should the need occur.

Now I also think this hunter within the article did the only thing he could have - drop and cover.  The bear was absolutely too close for a quick enough action of pulling out your bear spray and using it.  Thankfully this hunter will be okay.  Maybe more apt to hunt with a partner real close by next time?  I know I would definitely be.

Responders there within 45 minutes - that is actually pretty darn good if he was up in the mountainous areas there.  I know it is a park and the appropriate people are most likely on sight within the park but having the ability to call and get help for yourself and the response time is that quick then your chances for survival are that much greater.  Kudos to the responders.

We'll see how the rest of the season goes but I expect we will be reading about another encounter within the near future and hope it is not with human loss.



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Wow another attack. I have

Wow another attack. I have lost count of how many that has been this year. I'm glad Mr. Hix was not seriously hurt. It could have been a lot worse. The article said he had spray which is a good thing he just didn't have time to use it. I can imagine if the bears was only 10yards away. That would take the bear about 2-3 seconds to get to him. I hope the bears will den up soon so we can stop reading about these attacks. I'm also glad according to the article he did everything right in this case and that's what saved his life. At least he had phone service and was able to make a call to 911. None of my 3 phones work where I go hunting so I'd be screwed.