Animal Activists Try to Stop New Jersey's Black Bear Hunt

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New Jersey's second black bear season is set to start December 5th. Animal rights groups are trying to make sure that season doesn't take place. Last year was the first black bear hunt in 5 years, and there was conflict last year as well. Animal rights activists claim the management plan does not use enough science and is very contradictory.

"The black bear policy is full of scientific flaws, self-contradictions and outright fabrications," said Doris Lin, director of legal services for the BEAR Group. "The lawsuit is not about philosophical objections to hunting; it's about integrity and science, both of which are missing from the policy."

Last year 6,680 bear hunting permits were issued, and hunters could harvest one bear regardless of age or gender. 592 bears were harvested in 2010. The Department of Environmental Protection has the right to stop the hunt whenever a certain number of bears are harvested. Other areas of the black bear management plan include education, banning the feeding of bears, and conditioning bears to stay away from humans. The six day bear season falls during the rifle deer season and is allowed north of Interstate 78 and west of Interstate 287. From The Republic.


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Hopefully that will be the

Hopefully that will be the case and the protests here will stop when they get bored. With the season taking place one year already now it shouldn't take long. The biggest fear is when they put hunting things up for public vote. We lost spring bear and baiting here in Colorado a long time ago and there was another one about contest hunting. I don't remember the specifics but it was started because of prarie dog shoots with prizes and as a result these types of contests are no longer legal. There are a lot of new states with bear seasons and hopefully they will all be ablr to cintinue with them.

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This has happened a few years

This has happened a few years in a row now, in that little collection of states where they are trying to get bear hunts established.  New jersey, Maryland, and a couple other states have had to put up with the animal rights protestors.  I believe in the other places, they sort of died out after the first year or 2.  Each year there are less and less people out there. 

It does not seem to be a problem in the states with established bear seasons though. You never see this from places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or out here in California, where it's animal rights heaven.  I think that once they see they are being ignored, they give up.  It's no longer cause "du jour".  They don't want to be in it for the long haul.

Anyway, hopefully the good hunting folks in New Jersey can withstand any sort of a challenge, and get on with their bear season.  Hope they all keep safe, and none of these activists do anything stupid.

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Dates/Bag limits?

Anybody know the season dates and bag limits for protesters?

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  Incredible!  While I do not


Incredible!  While I do not know the New Jersey's black bear management program to comment whether it has integrity or science as the basis for the specific actions, I have to think that the state wildlife agency did its homework using specific data, other state's programs, public opionion, etc... in order to create their existing plan.  The article states that the 2007 bear season was canceled due to this same group's lawsuit.  I have to think that their program was adjusted afterwards to ensure subsequent bear hunts would go forwards without issue.  Last year this lawsuit failed but was allowed to continue.  Who here can see right through this with the lawsuit continuing just to bleed money from the wildlife agency's legal funds and a focus to stop hunting altogether?  If the integrity or science was lacking then I would expect a neutral group to be offering what is missing - if anything.  And I doubt here that these areas are lax within New Jersey's program.  And it is most likely outlined towards the other successful wildlife management programs already in place. 

The article states that there were reports of 46 black bear home entries this year.  That is reason for a management program that includes a hunting season.  The program does address education and bear conditioning.  This animal activist group's lawyer also states that this year's bear reports have decreased.  HELLO!?!?!  That is because the management program IS working.

It is too bad that these animal rights groups go through the incredible steps of continued lawsuits and bleed money away from the wildlife programs - money that would be going towards more wildlife management and preservation.  But that is their focus - to dry up the agency so they may control.  What is their plan?  Let animals run amuck?  Then ask the state's lawmakers to institute taxes to pay for correcting - NOT!!!


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If they are actively interferring with hunting that should be illegal, it is here, and criminally charged.

They have the right to seek change through the courts, no matter how much I disagree with them, but I do not believe they should be able to go out and physically interfere with hunting and hunters without facing arrest and prosecution.

The voters of AZ have put legal restraints on anti-hunting activist and it looks like other states need to do the same.


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Gotta love animal rights

Gotta love animal rights groups.....NOT.  I am all for looking out for our wildlife, but as hunters and outdoorsman we all now what will happen if the population of any animal is not kept in check.  These groiups will bitch no matter what...we hunt the bears the bitch..the bearskill their dogs and catch they bitch...sure do get tired of hearing it.  That is why we all need to join as many wildlife orginazations as we can...(i.e. RMEF, DU...etc...).