Amazing Archer

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Archery can be a difficult sport, especially with huge obstacles. People use a variety of techniques to make it work for them. Jeff Fabry uses a very different technique than most. He was injured in a motorcycle accident when he was 15 years old, losing an arm and leg. His friends would go out to hunt, and he was not able to join them. Some people would give up, but not Jeff.

Jeff designed a mouthpiece so that he could use his mouth to draw back the bow. It was all trial and error, but he found a way to make it work for him. He designed the mouthpiece from a nylon dog leash. He has won awards, and his teeth are still in the same shape as when he started.

Jeff Fabry is one of the world’s best archers. He’s a five-time Special Games world champion, a three-time Paralympic medalist and he’s aiming for gold at the 2012 Olympics in London this summer.

Jeff was unable to join the military, but he has given back to the country by helping teach soldiers in the Wounded Warrior program. It means a lot to Jeff to be able to give back to these heroes that have given so much for his country. The soldiers also are appreciative to be taught something new, and able to get back into sports they may not have believed they could do.

Fabry is gearing up to coach Team Navy Coast Guard in archery at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs. Teams from the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard, Army and Air Force compete against each other in a U.S. Department of Defense competition that is similar to the Olympics. From