Alligator vs. Senior Citizen

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Gary Murphy, 72, was at home in Palm City, Florida when he heard his dog Doogie making noises in the backyard. He went out to investigate and found a 6-foot alligator had Doogie in its jaws. Murphy jumped on the gator's back to save his dog. He said it was like jumping on a pile of rocks.

The alligator released Doogie, who needed veterinary treatment for deep gouges, lung injuries and liver damage, but was expected to make a full recovery according to Fox News. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it is alligator mating season, making the animals more active, and they recommend keeping pets on leashes especially by water.


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Sorry pooch - your on your own! well maybe.

 Just looking at one makes me want to either run away or kill any alligator I see over about three feet long.  Ok so a six foot gator is half tail, but that still borders an leaving fido on his own in my book.  Those things are built to be prehistoric predators.  On land I might lend teh dog a hand, in anything resembling deep water - that dog would be on his own.

Those giant reptiles are the sort prehistoric reptilian predator that our ancestors have battled for centuries.  You recognize at a glance that every one of them wants to kill and eat you and all of your children.  so while I recognize the value of preserving the species and am not arguing for the eradication of all alligators - I don’t see any redeeming features in them and it would not break my heart to see them removed from most of the areas where they might encounter humans - especially children by accident.    

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where the heck is this gator

where the heck is this gator when my wife's cat is around? that's what i need to know? I'm glad to see the old man still had enough spunk to fight that gator! a 6 foot gator is what, about 100 pounds? that's a sizeable chunk of muscle! if i still have that kind of energy at 72, i'll be lucky.

another question i have is was this guy a lifetime floria resident? at 72, he probably remembers the good old days of gator hide-hunting, and may have been involved and experienced in this. or even worse... did he just watch too much animal planet on tv? i believe these questions are pertinent to the understanding of the story. it's heartwarming to think about an old man rescuing his dog. maybe not so much if was an old time gator poacher. the reason i have these questions is that, i'm pretty adventurous, and jumping on the back of any gator would not be a viable idea for me unless i was sure i had the cards all stacked in my favor... but maybe i just don't know what it's like to really love a pet?

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Well here is a story in stark

Well here is a story in stark contrast to the one in Aspen where coyotes ate the womans dog. This guy took matters into his own hands and courageously saved his friend. I consider a alligator as potentially more dangerous than a coyote and I'm not sure if I would have jumped on him or not. I suppose if it was my dog I would think differently but I'm not so sure. I'm glad to see he saved him and the dog will recover fine and that he managed to not get hurt also. Great story of another hungry wild animal thwarted in his attack against