Alligator Poaching Case Disturbing in Mississippi

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Alligator carcasses had been found along Pearl River in Mississippi. Following a tip, on August 27th at night, conservation officers were out in the area. They pulled over a suspicious vehicle, the occupants had blood on their clothing, and there was a headless alligator in the back.

Four men were arrested and released on $2,000 bond. Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks spokesman Jim Walker said, "This is just no way to do the sports, it's tragic and we are going for the maximum when they have their day in court."

One of the men was taken back to Pearl River with conservation officers. Here they saw how the alligator poaching was set up, with hooks and lines in the trees. The suspects were baiting hooks with chickens, holding them about 6-7 inches from the water. The gator would get the hook set. Then the gator's head and tail were cut off and meat was taken from the tail. This form of hunting alligators is illegal in Mississippi. Plus the fact that it is not alligator season yet.

At the home of Christian Collin, they found alligator tail meat, and confiscated 22 rifles, flashlights, and large alligator sets with hooks and buoys. Two have confessed to taking alligators out of season. Alligator season starts September 9th in Mississippi. From


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I agree with everyone here. I

I agree with everyone here. I cannot believe how so many people take the game laws so lightly and think that it doesn't really apply to them. I hopr the punishment is addequate enough to discourage others from similar crimes. I try to make sure very well of all the game laws in every state that I might be hunting as I never want to lose any of my privelages by breaking any laws. Hunting is my life and without it I would be miserable and hopeless.

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I am wondering of there is

I am wondering of there is big money in gator meat?  Or did they like the meat that much?  Too me that kind of action is just not worth anything.  I live to be in the outdoors and I do not know what I would if I could not hunt or fish.  I have seen plenty of nice animals in the middle of nowhere and it may be possible to get away with it, but someone is always watching, and I would never consider it....I just could not live with myself!

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I hope they stick them pretty

I hope they stick them pretty good.  For starters, they will hopefully never get their guns back.  Heck, even averaging $250 or so a gun, which may be on the low end, that's already a $5,000 hit.

Sorry to see those alligators poached like that.  Probably some nice ones that legal Mississippi hunters would love to have taken.

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Can they ever hunt and fish again?

Man that is sad.  I don't understand why people would risk their freedom to be able to hunt and fish by breaking laws that protect the same wildlife we love to eat and hunt.