Alligator in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

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A 3 foot alligator was spotted going over the falls at Monocacy Creek in Illicks Park, and then submerged itself. Police were called and searched both sides of the waterfall. They found the aligator submerged by some rocks, when Officer Eric Yeakel tried to snare the gator, he submerged himself deeper. The gator was seen a couple more times, and 45 minutes later was seen along a stone wall. Yeakel was then able to snare the alligator and drag it to shore.

The gator was transported to Reptile World for treatment, according to The Bethlehem Police Department is asking for help finding where the alligator came from.


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Pretty crazy to be hearing

Pretty crazy to be hearing were the creature keep popping jup thing you know Colorado will have an aligator season.

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Well i was not planning on

Well i was not planning on another alligator hunt in the near future but if they keep getting closer I might have to change my   I don't know what people are thinking when they release an animal like this into the wild as they are just dooming it to a miserable death later on and could endanger innocent people as well. We had a similar case here in Colorado last year as a small on rlike this was found dead in a mountain irrigation canal. I'm not sure what the penalty for doing something like this would be but I'm sure there is one.