Alligator to be Euthanized

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials believe they have captured the alligator responsible for attacking Margaret Webb. Webb was taking a walk in her yard when the 8 foot gator sprung out of the canal and attacked, almost biting off her leg. Her leg was amputated as it could not be saved.

The alligator was found Monday in the canal near Webb's home. FWC officials say the alligator was shot in the head, and may have been hit by a car, but still survived. They announced the alligator will be euthanized. From The Palm Beach Post.


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Hopefully this is in fact the

Hopefully this is in fact the alligator in question and remving it will protect her froma similar problem after she recovers from the attack. It's possible with the injuries the alligator appears to be suffering from he was not able to hunt his normal food sources and that's why he attacked the way he did. Either that or he was just ornery from the pain he was in and irritable and was more easily provoked than normal.

Anyway it looks like it was decided that just a relocation would not be enough in this situation and decided that killing it would be the best thing. Hpoefully considering her age the woman will be able to recover as well as can be hoped for and live a fairly normal life. I wouldn't blame her if she decided to move away from the water though.

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Talk about being a survivor! 

Talk about being a survivor!  Shot in the head, and hit by a car?  I don't remember the original article saying that anyone was able to spot it and shoot it.  I think it just said that they were looking for the alligator that attacked her.

Sad to see it come to this.  Those gators live right int he backyard, and are just doing what they do, trying to find something to eat.

Sorry about the injuries to the lady. I can't imagine ever losing a limb, especially at that age.  Mobility is everything then.  If they slow down, it also seems liek their will to live slows down too.

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Well gald to hear that they

Well gald to hear that they may have cought the gator.  Sorry to hear aboput Webb losing her leg, but as we live near wild animals this is what's going to happen, just hate hearing it happen to anyone.