Aledo Illinois Man Guilty of 28 Hunting Violations

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Citizens calling into the Target Illinois Poachers Hotline, helped prosecute James Gauley, 24 who has been under investigation since January. Gauley pleaded guilty August 2 to 28 charges against him. He was fined over $18,000 and will not be allowed to hunt or be part of a hunting party for the next 15 years. He was released from jail but will be on probation following the court's orders for the next 30 years, as 26 of the counts have 12 months of probation each and the other 2 counts have 24 month probation periods.

Gauley pleaded guilty to 13 counts of unlawfully taking possession of a deer, three counts of harassing an animal with a vehicle, two counts of illegally hunting deer out of season, four counts of deer hunting permit violation, and one count each of possession of a species killed out of season, illegal hunting of wild turkey, using a license issued to another person, falsifying a record, using a blind or pit in a registered conservation area and possessing a wild bird or animal. From


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Very nice!  Another in a

Very nice!  Another in a string of strong sentences recently for serial poachers!  Glad to see the hefty fine, and the fact that he cannot hunt for 15 years.  That carries into alot of states too, so he just can't jump across state lines or anything.

The sad thing is though, that he already broke the law many, many times, so who really thinks he'll stop killing animals illegally when he's not allowed to hunt for that time?  If anything, it will just continue his poaching activities.