Alberta Cancels Spring Grizzly Hunt

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Alberta wildlife officials canceled this year's spring brown bear hunt, sighting bear numbers that are too low. The spring hunt has been on hold since 2006 and some are calling for Alberta to completely abandon the hunt. The Calgary Herald has a write up on the cancellation.

A 2009 government report on the animals stated there are approximately 691 grizzlies in Alberta, not including those in national parks. "That population number is an estimate," said Darcy Whiteside, spokesperson for Alberta Sustainable Development, "so it's not 691, but 691 plus or minus a certain amount. Right now there is no area in the province that would sustain a harvest."


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lway hate see hunt gets

lway hate see hunt gets cancelled or the number of tags getting cut in certain area.  But in the long run it is always better for the animals and for the future hunitng.  the bears will come back strong and the hunting will be even better than before.

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I agree with cancelling the

I agree with cancelling the hunt untill the population is stable enough for it. maybe hold off for 10 years or so. hopefully someday they will reopen it that would mean that the bears have rebounded and there is a big enough population. I think its just good management. good for them.