Alaskan Hunter Scores a Record Dall Sheep

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Record Dall sheep have been very scarce in recent years. However one Alaskan resident was lucky to find such a trophy. Bryce McGough from Chugiak, Alaska and his father Mike left their hunting camp in search of a Dall Sheep. They would return to that camp 14 hours later.

Bryce and his father had hiked into the Tok Management Area and spent four days hiking, climbing, stalking Dall sheep. Bryce shot the Dall sheep, it was one of the largest he had seen and this was his 7th Dall sheep hunt. Bryce and his father knew it was a prize sheep. They field dressed it and place it in their packs, adding about 80lbs each. Instead of going back the way they had come, they decided to head down a canyon that was in the direction of their camp, hoping it would be an easier hike. It was starting to get dark, and the two men had only their flashlights to light their way.

It got to the point where I couldn't move anymore," said McGough, a 27-year-old from Chugiak. "At one point I was afraid we wouldn't make it off the mountain. I was afraid we'd fall asleep and become hypothermic."

The men made a decision to drop their packs, and continue hiking without the extra weight. They left the packs near a mound of boulders. The next day when they returned to the top of the ridge, there were mounds of boulders everywhere. With luck they found their packs again. They grabbed their packs and salvageable meat and made it back to camp at 10:30 pm.

Currently Bryce is waiting for the drying period before official measurements can be taken. Carl Brent of Wasilla, an official scorer for Boone and Crockett, measured the horns shortly after the McGoughs returned from their hunt and scored it an unofficial 173 4/8. If this score holds after the 60 day drying this Dall sheep will be in the records as 123rd largest. Dall sheep are only hunted in a few areas in Alaska and Canada.

Bryce had never seen one with the curls like the one he harvested. The ram he bagged in Tok had a full curl and then some. Each horn measured 44 2/8 inches and each base measured 14 inches, according to Brent's score sheet. From


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that is an absolutely

that is an absolutely magnificent animal!! I have always dreamed of hunting an animal like this and read every story about them but after looking up the cost I know it will never happen. It's still great to read about the success of others though and this story is no exception. The score means nothing as this has to be one of the best looking ones I have ever seen. I agree with the comment about the gps as it's far to easy to get lost or in this case lose things without one. I lost half my deer this year for a short time in an area I know very well. When I finally wised up and turned my gps back on I found I was only 119 feet away and walking in circles around it.

Congratulations on a great ram and a great story to go with it.

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Nice ram!  And a great story

Nice ram!  And a great story too.  Kind of brief, but fun to read.  Kind of a bummer trying to hike out to camp on an unfamiliar trail in the dark with 80 lb of extra sheep in your pack.  Talk about trying to do a bit too much.  Glad it all worked out for them in the end, though.

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Now that's a Hunt

Holy smokes.  That reminds me of those older films, "The Big Ones."  The adventure Bryce and his father went on makes one heck of a story to tell for the ages.  I love reading about outdoor adventures that end in sucess and have some danger and adversity.  Truly a test for any hunter has to be going after sheep and goats.  The phsical and mental demand must take you to the limit.  Way cool.

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Wow! Look at that Sheep. I

Wow! Look at that Sheep. I Love the curl on that monster. I can't stop staring at the full curl. He looks like he would be bigger than 173 or maybe I'm just getting caught up in how the horns look. Congrats to Bryce and his father on being able to overcome some challenges on this hunt and drop this monster. I too wonder why they didn't have a GPS with them and mark where they left their stuff. Instead of reading about a monster and possible record animal we could be reading about two lost sheep hunters in the Alaskan wilderness. I hope they learned their lesson. I can't wait for the 60 day drying period to be over and see what this guy actually score. again congrats to the hunter on harvesting an amazing Dall Sheep.

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That is an absolutely

That is an absolutely gorgeous animal!  Dall sheep are one of the animals that I wish I could hunt in my lifeltime, but I know I never will.  I can't fathom paying what it would cost for a license and guide, just to shoot one.  A Dall sheep also has to be one of the most hard earned trophies out there.  I can't believe the terrain that they, along with all of the sheep and goat species, seem to inhabit.

It takes some skill and determination to get one of them.  Congrats to the hunter on taking a beautiful ram!  Hopefully it will hold up after the mandatory drying period, and he will have himself a record.  If not, it sounds like he had a memorable hunt anyway.

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  That is one GREAT Dall


That is one GREAT Dall Sheep!  The curl on that monster is just great.

Now the question I do have is why not have a GPS unit and mark the place where you left the meat and packs?  that would have made finding it the next day quite simple.  If you are hiking for 4 days and even if you know the area - bring a GPS unit!

Reading the full article I think he has a great chance of winning that shoulder mount of this great animal.  I would also very much like to try that meat to see if the steaks really can be cut with a fork!

Dall Sheep - way down the list of hunts I want to accomplish in my lifetime... unless I were to win the hunt!

Congrats to Bryce on a great hunt and a great trophy!