Alaska Troopers Busy With Hunting Season

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Alaska troopers have seen an increase in hunting related arrests since the start of hunting season. Either hunters killing caribou illegally, or driving illegally on land that is closed to motor vehicles.

Sheep and caribou season opened in game management area 20d on Wednesday and there have been half a dozen citings since then.

Saturday night troopers saw two men walking with rifles. The men said they had shot two caribou and were getting their butchering tools from the truck. The troopers went back with the men, one of the caribou had to be shot as it was still alive. The caribou had been near Jarvis Creek which does not allow caribou hunting. The meat was donated to a charity, the hunter's rifles and the antlers were seized for evidence. From Fairbanks Daily News- Miner.


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It's good to see that the

It's good to see that the state of Alaske is aware and watching what is going on when the season starts but it's kind of sad that so many guys don't want to quite follow the rules. It's apparent that they did get a license and waited for the season to open but then go and breaka few laws anyway. And in the case mentioned it seems they were even unaware that what they were doing was illegal as they openy walked around and didn't try to hide what they were up to. It's up to the person to know and obey ALL the laws. I read with interest as well at how much the troopers have to do with game enforcement and not just designated wildlife offivers like most states. But I giess Alaska is a bit different than most other states I'm familiar with.