Alaska to Give Alaska Moose Federation Additional $1.5 Million

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MooseThe Alaska Moose Federation helped with luring and transporting moose away from roadways this winter. The state gave them $1.3 million to help with the moose. The federation also got a special permit in which they were able to rescue and relocate moose, zero moose were transported though. Fish and Game didn't have time or manpower to train federation workers to safely transport the moose, and the permit was only good for 2 months and expired before it could be used.

The federation is geared to move 50 to 100 moose away from urban city areas to bush areas with low moose populations. They plan on drugging the animals and flying them out to remote bush areas. Gary Olson is the executive director
for the federation, and says that only half of the first grant has been spent so far, mainly on equipment such as trucks and trailers to move the moose. From Alaska Dispatch.The Alaska Moose Federation set up feeding stations away from road ways in hopes to save moose, and prevent the moose/car accidents. The federation also helped move dead moose from the roadways and take them to be processed.


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I guess it's OK as long as

I guess it's OK as long as the money goes to where it is supose to and not a bunch of pencil pushers like most tax dollars tend to do.

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ok by me

Anything that makes more moose for hunting is ok with me.  Saving them from traffic accidents sounds like a good idea.  Glad to hear that raodkill moose continues to be utilized too.