Alaska Expands Snaring to Brown Bears

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Alaska wildlife biologists have been actively trying to restore the moose population in unit 16B around the Cook inlet for years. Recent studies have shown that as many as 80% of calves die in the first year of which a high percentage is related to bear predation. According to the Alaska Daily News, the Alaska Fish and Game has allowed snaring of black bears to reduce their population in the unit and will be expanding the program to brown bears as well.

"It is very much an adaptive experiment," said regional Fish and Game supervisor Bruce Dale. "The effectiveness of reducing both bear species through harvest methods to increase moose calf survival has not been demonstrated." Dale said his department will closely monitor the bear control efforts, to be conducted by state residents. Participants must attend department training to qualify for taking bears with foot snares.


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I live in 16b most of the

I live in 16b most of the area you can't see more than a few yards in any direction. It is also a fly out area a round trip to Anchorage for us is right at a grand. There are to many places to hunt bears with easier access they are not worth it to most hunters. Unit 16 has some of the best black bear habitat it also is loaded with salmon streams. Spot & stalk is out of the question out here and sitting salmon streams to boring for most.

I think the whole brown bear snaring is a bunch of political posturing by the board of game. I really don't think they will ever set a snaring season on brownies, or for that matter black bears.

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I understand that the

I understand that the population needs to be controlled by whatever legal means are available. But is there not enough hunters in these areas? I don't know much about trapping of how Alaska works but in the previous program mentioned only 8 participants caught 81 bears. That's just over 10 each for an average.

Again I'm just wondering why hunting has not been an effective method of control, I would sure love to get up there if theres that many running around.

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My guess...... Cost, plain

My guess...... Cost, plain and simple.  Have you ever looked in to the cost of going to Alaska and hiring a guide for a bear hunt? 

It's not in most people's budget, so that's why hunting does not really make a dent in the population.

Snaring though, interesting method. I'm not a big proponent of that type.  They should just hire some sharp shooters, if they want to take a few more bears. 

Still allow them to bait, but instead of setting up a snare, have them sit over the bait with a rifle, much like bear hunting is done in the eastern US and Canada.

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That's a pretty interesting

That's a pretty interesting scenario. Wow! 80% of moose calves don't survive their first summer. That doesn't leave many to carry on the herd when you realize that some of the remaining 20% will also die in succeeding years.

I had to laugh a little at the statement made about the fact that a bear that is caught in a foot snare will sometimes chew its foot off to get free. The person said, "Not only will they chew their foot off, but they will also sometimes maim themselves to the point of being crippled." Well, isn't chewing of one's foot in fact, becoming crippled? That's like saying, "Not only did the guy shoot himself in the head, but he also hurt himself!"

Well, I'm glad to hear that some of our states are taking positive steps to control predators. I'm also glad to see that they said that it is "an adaptive experiment". Only time will tell if this really makes a difference in the survival rate of moose calves.

Good Report.


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That person was Wade Willis.

That person was Wade Willis. He was booted of the Anchorage Advisory Committee and I think the cops had to escort the fool out the door. He should chew his own foot off, that way his mouth would be full then it couldn't spew all the stupidity. Actually that was one of his brighter statements.