Alaska DFG Will Not Investigate Palin's Caribou Hunt

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While most of the ruckus over Sarah Palin's reality TV caribou hunt seemed to be focused on her shooting prowess, some were pushing for her to be investigated over the amount of meat that was taken from the downed caribou. has posted a story regarding the complaints and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's position on the hunt.

...Palin's father said he would not gut the freshly killed caribou. "We're going to quarter it and take him home, so I don't gut him," he said on camera. That decision surprised Riley Woodford, a spokesman with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Juneau. "Why didn't he want to gut it, and why didn't he want the organs?" Woodford asked. "That's even more perplexing, that someone who seems to know what they're doing would do that."

The source of the complaints seems to arise from the fact that Sarah and her hunting group did not appear to pack out the caribou's edible organs.


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i agree with not gutting. i

i agree with not gutting. i never gut anything bigger than whitetail. there's no reason to gut the animal when i can get all the meat off the bones just fine without it. even the loin muscle can be gotten by poking a small hole in front of the pelvis.


i don't think it's worth an invesigation either. i don't like palin, and it kind of turns my stomach to agree with something she does, but eating organs is the best way to transmit diseases. and i just don't like them.

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I gotta agree with Ed.

When I take my white tail deer just minutes worth of walking distance outside my backdoor, I don't bother to harvest the organs except as dog food.  I'm not even packing them out, they just aren't worth eating in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't fault anyone for not packing organs out of the back country....


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I think tender loin and ribs

I think tender loin and ribs are considered part of the edible meat on a caribou. That said how do all these experts know what actually went out of the field after the cameras were turned off?

Investigate the Spokesman

If this Riley Woodford is actually a spokesman for Alaska F&G, his employment status should be investigated and possibly modified (as in terminated).  Internal organs are not classified as edible meat and is therefore not required to be removed from the field as meat.  If Palin's father is skilled enough to remove the quarters without gutting the animal, thereby reducing the chances of meat contamination, he should be applauded rather that criticized.   

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You have to gut the animal to

You have to gut the animal to get the tender loin and the ribs which are considered edible on most ungulates In Alaska.

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i get both without gutting

i get both without gutting and puncturing organs. once i have the 4 main quarters and the neck meat off, i then take the back straps.

right in front of the pelvis, when looking from the top of spine, down, you can reach through and take the loins. then saw the ribs off. and you leave the guts where they lay unpunctured and the meat is clean.

just try it sometime, i don't save the hide when i do this, i cut along the spine and peel down the flanks toward the belly on each side taking the meat off as i go. i've done this about 30 times now, and it gets easier and faster each time.


 i hope this makes sense?

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Go Figure

First, I'm actually not a big S.P. fan. But as to the idea that edible organs need to be packed out, come on, let's get real here. I do not eat heart or liver and as such rarely take either out (very rarely). Also how does the complaintent know that these organs were not disturbed by the shot that killed the caribou?

 I've also seen many instances of large animals NOT being gutted, but rather skinned & butchered around the guts. Simply put, why waste the time when an animal is butchered on the spot. I actually had someone on this site make a comment on a large hog we had taken that was butchered in just this method. Skinned, backstraps removed and then the quarters removed. For those who don't know, little to nothing to be found on a wild hogs rib bones either.

Sounds like much adieu about NOTHING to me.