Alaska Caribou Hunt Changes

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Thursday is the start of the caribou hunt in Alaska. The only interior herd to be hunted is the Fortymile herd, which has a population estimated at over 50,000. The quota for the herd is 250, 100 to the Taylor Highway area and 150 to the Steese Highway. All one needs is a registration permit, which means there will be thousands of hunters vying for the hundred of caribou allotted.

Recent surveys show that there are too many caribou along the roadways, so sections of the hunting area have been closed. With the caribou so close to the road, wildlife officials believe the quota could be surpassed even on the first day, which is the reason for the closures. The Nelchina herd have also been mixing with the Fortymile herd, which results in closures of that area as well, as the Nelchina herd is off limits to hunting.

Tuesday, the department closed another 50 miles of the Taylor Highway to hunting. Hunting is now closed south of the Fortymile River bridge at 112.6 Mile. From


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Two herds of 91000

Two herds of 91000 (50,000+41,000) of any large game animals in the same area is impressive. Not sure why the quota is to low?

This ariticle is obviously written for AK residents who understands the managment system.  There must be other factors to have a 0.5% harvest rate.  Either the herd is far below objective (50,000?) or there are other hunts with higher quotas other times of the year?  What ever the reason I am sure AK has a good reason. 


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  Wow!!!  Over 50,000 animals


Wow!!!  Over 50,000 animals and the quota is only 250 animals.  That is a mere 0.5%.  They must have a greater mortality rate due to wolves and other predators to have such a low harvest quota.  I would be interested in knowing if different reasoning.  Reading the comments from the main article - take a read on "teapartypatriot_2" especially his first post.  Interesting.  My Dad and Brothers went on a caribou hunt in Newfoundland.  A different species but they were told that shooting a male after the rut the meat would be terrible tasting.  Another item I would like to know if different.