Alaska Bans Stun Gun Use on Wildlife

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A few months ago we mentioned that Taser developed a new stun gun to incapacitate wildlife. Apparently Alaska's Department of Fish and Game took notice because they are banning the use of stun guns or Tasers against wildlife. According to Reuters, the DFG is concerned about possible "catch-and-release hunting."

"This was a proactive measure," Larry Lewis, a wildlife manager with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said on Tuesday. "With new, emerging technology, there's always potential for misuse."


Chuck-n-Alaska's picture

Let the fools catch & release

Let the fools catch & release a griz might make a good youtube movie. It would also help to cleaning up the human gene pool. Let Darwin rule!

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I suppose there are a few

I suppose there are a few morons who would use that tactic, catch and release hunting, but there are those that abuse every law in every way. I think most hunters on a whole would not stoop to that level of idiocy.

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I dont agree with this ban at

I dont agree with this ban at all. I can see banning them for hunting purposes but in the case of self defence it seems to be a great option. If i were a game agent for a Fish and wildlife dept, i would rater see game be able to go free after being tased then be dead because someone had to shoot it out of self defence. I dont really seeing it being any different then using bear spray on a bear, the person typically isnt hurt and the bear usally runs away unharmed. I guess i just dont see the harm in using them for protection.

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I can see why they would want

I can see why they would want to outlaw them, but it could be a useful tol to use in the event of animal attack.  But that would get abused as most things do.