Airborn Black Bear Kills Two

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A bizarre accident Monday night along a Canadian highway in Quebec. A large black bear (440 lbs) ran across the road, a car struck the bear that sent it flying into an oncoming SUV. The black bear had so much force it flew through the car and out the back window. The driver and the passenger directly behind the driver died on impact. The front passenger survived with minor injuries, and the driver and passenger of the car that originally struck the bear suffered minor injuries. The bear was killed as well. This is the first accident with a bear that resulted in deaths.

The speed limit on Hwy 148 is 90km/h = 56 mph. It is unsure if speed was a factor of the accident. From the Ottawa Citizen.


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This whole event is incredible.  Like was said, it shows that we need to be ready to go.  I am sure hoping that this does not go the way of the moose.  If so, maybe there needs to be some new law for traveling the roads of Canada.  Like every time you enter a highway, you must stop, sign a waiver or release and then proceed.  When you exit, you must stop and sign off.  Or at least, this should be put in place for all attorneys. 

Honestly though, if a lawsuit comes up from this one, something like I just mentioned does need to be put in place.  It's when you impact the masses that something happens.  I know that when I taught school, it wasn't until I impacted the parents that something happened.  When I made the parents get off work to come to school for little Harold (I get tired of everyone using my name; "little Johnny"), things usually changed.  No one likes to be inconvenienced.  If everyone had to stop and sign a waiver to travel a highway, you can bet new laws would be put in place to avoid these ridiculous attorneys suing for money.

On another note, what kind of force would it take to put that 450 pound bear air born, across the median and at windshield height?  Maybe someone was going too fast?  I also saw the pictures of the moose that went through the vehicle.  That was ugly.  I can understand it from a moose because of the long legs but a bear's center of gravity is pretty low and launching that mass into the air takes some serious force.

Almost as many deer are killed on the highways each year as during hunting season.  It's just a fact of life when you are traveling in animal populated areas.  Maybe people need to slow and down and drive more cautiously during times of the day that animals are out and about?  I know that I would NOT ride my Harley during low light conditions on roads that might have animals.  I just refused to do it.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this one.  I hope someone on this site will keep us informed.


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It's unfortunate, but definitely bizarre.

I immediately thought about that lawsuit involving the moose too Hunter25.  Like you said, hopefully it doesn’t go the same route.  It is always sad when someone gets hurt, and more so when it does not appear that they were grossly negligent.  In this case these folks just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The worst that they seem guilty of is maybe driving too fast, but that is hardly a capital offense.  It's unfortunate, but definitely bizarre.

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This one really is bizarre

This one really is bizarre but I did see one similar involving a mosse a couple of yeears ago. Just seeing or hitting a bear has got to be pretty uncommon in itself but for the evets that followed to take place is just beyond normal. I'm truly sorry for the families in this situation but it shows that we must always be prepared as we never know when the end will come. Hopefully this does not turn out like the article about the moose accidents in Canada where people are trying to sue the government as being responsible and demanding compensation.