90 Year Old Attacked by Alligator

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A walk through her Florida garden turned into a fight for Margaret Webb's life. An 8 foot alligator lunged out of a 14 foot deep canal at the front of Webb's yard. Webb tried to run away but the alligator grabbed onto her before she was able to get away. The alligator mangled Webb's leg and was trying to pull her in. Webb had dug her fingers into the ground, hanging on for dear life. Luckily, neighbor Dwain Daniels was driving by in his truck. Daniels saw Webb halfway in the water, with the large gator. He stopped his truck, grabbed his rifle, and went to save Webb. "She’s the sweetest, strong-willed Christian woman there is. She’s as nice as the day is long,” Daniels said. “Everglades is like family, and it’s nothing I did that anybody else wouldn’t have done.”

He and Webb's son pulled Webb to safety away from the gator. Then Daniels got five shots at the alligator. Daniels believes he hit the alligator, and the animal went back into the canal.

Webb was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital, and is in critical condition. Doctors were unable to save her leg.

Two licensed wranglers spent hours last night and this morning looking for the alligator unsuccessfully. If Daniels did fatally wound the animal, it may be floating by the end of the week.

Most alligator attacks, though rare, are fatal. There were five alligator attacks in Florida this year. From Naplesnews.com.


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I am amazed that this woman

I am amazed that this woman was able to get out of this one alive. At 90 years old obviously she had a lot of fight in her to be able to hang on till help arrived. If she had been having problems with the gators in the past and still kept her garden close enough to the water that one lunge was close enough for the gator to get her she probably better reconsider her landscaping. Kind of like the woman with the bears as she just didn't seem tp think it would be a problem for her own safety. Again I'm glad to see she was able to survive this attack and that there was some one close enough to be able to help out in time.

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Glad she is OK.  I took think

Glad she is OK.  I took think that is they are known to be in the area I think I would stay a good distance away from the canal.  Never had any experiences with gators nor do i want any!

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I read another report that she had reported losing pets in the past.  Damn. I don't know if I would have been close to that canal.  

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Man, glad she made it out

Man, glad she made it out okay, minus the leg.  She's lucky that father and son were driving by at exactly the right time to help out.

I would think though that if I was in alligator country, and 90 years old, I might think twice about planting a garden right on the edge of the water.