9 Deer Killed at Unlicensed Facility Sparks Outrage

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International outrage has been sparked in the killing of 9 penned deer by North Carolina wildlife officers. Wayne and Linda Kindley live in Asheboro, North Carolina. They had 7 fallow deer, and when Wayne bought them was told he did not need a license for that type of deer. He also had a one-eyed whitetail deer that he kept because it could not survive on its own, and he had a fawn that had followed him home and wouldn't leave. All of these deer were killed when Kindley's property was served a warrant on September 20th. Kindley said he counted five game wardens' vehicles and four Randolph County sheriff's cars on his property. They shot and killed all the deer. Kindley said when they shot the first one, he just put his head down, almost dropped him to his knees.

Kindley used the fallow deers' sheds to make lamps and chandeliers, and the deer were not pets. In 2003 he had gone back and forth with the state trying to get a license to hold captive whitetailed deer, but gave up and never received the license.

More than 5,000 people from the United States and at least 25 other countries have signed an online petition on the change.org website protesting the killing of the deer. The petition reads in part: "Action must be taken in regards to the outrageous and needless killing of Wayne's Kindley's deer on Sept. 20th. We demand an investigation into the signing and authorizing of the warrant that ordered these deer shot.

Kindley has a court date on October 25th, where he faces a $10 charge for holding deer captive without a license. His lawyers state that the warrant did not authorize the shooting of the deer at all, that the warrant was only to capture the animals. There was concern of chronic wasting disease, and there is no living deer test. North Carolina has not had a case of CWD but Virginia has. From The Republic.


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Who's going to pay for this mess?

It costs Money to transport animals.  Perhaps the state isn't equipped and staffed to handle exotic animals.  Organize the transfer of the animals to another facility perhaps out of state.  They may have had to keep them temporarily.  There are all kinds of added costs just because this guy didn't follow the law.  Shooting them was probably a viable option.  Couple of officers should have been enough.

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There are 7 Billion people on

There are 7 Billion people on this planet and 5000 complain and that is an outrage and on the internet no less? As said before "sign my liberate a cricket post" and get 5000 hits. Don't forget to say your eyes will bleed or something bad will happen if you do not forward to 100 people in the next 28 seconds. Lets see you know you need a permit, do not have the permite yet still keep the deer? Seems like clear cut violation to me. Not pets? Ok and as the saying goes "Anna Nicole Smith married for love", not buying that at all.  I fully agree this should have been handled better and not sure why they had to kill them. I know you cannot test for CWD on a live animal so I guess that was the justification.  Had a gut feeling there is way more to this story that we may never hear.  

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Obviously the man needed a

Obviously the man needed a license and it was his lack of getting one when he should have that led to the killing of the deer. Probably a bit excessive with everybody that showed up though. It says that cwd fears were the reason for this and maybe that's why the deer were killed. If it was a valid concern then there would be no way to transfer them to another farm without risk of contaminating more animals. It's possible the reason he didn't get the permit was he didn't have all the needed history on the status of the animals. Not sure really but just trying to figure it out a bit.

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The shooting of these deer

The shooting of these deer was not a very good desicion on the authorities side. If this man just needed a liscense then why did they not go about it that way. I do not think that the deer needed to be shot and killed. Especially if the man was taking care of them.

Sounds like we are not getting the whole story or some public authorities made a bad desicion. Hope they come to a resolution and the right people are punished.


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I agree taht Mr. Kindley

I agree taht Mr. Kindley should have had a licence to run his deer farm and laws are laws. I don't think killing the deer was the way to handle the situation at all. Why not just tranfer them to a licenced farm? I think the man in charge of this opperation or made the call to shoot the deer needs to loose his job. Period! I'm sure there are other farms in NC that could have handled the deer. I also wonder if this guy had a farm before the law was passed why couldn't he get a licence to opperate a deer farm? This story just isn't sitting with me very well. I'm sure Mr. Kindley will get in trouble for his actions but I also feel the person who ordered the deer killed should also get in some trouble. To me it doesn't sound like he knows how to do his job very well.

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Deer were not pets

So the deer were not pets.  Who cares even owning pets has laws.  You know this story has me really asking some questions.  Was the guy just making a buck and now crying woe is me?  Come on man get the paper work done.  7 fallow a fawn and a one eyed white tail.  5 Game Wardens and 4 Sheriffs Dept.  9 and 9.  Hmmmmmm.  Sure would be a waste just to dispose of it all.  You know that Kindley's attorney is going to make some accusation and look into that possibility and try and spin it in court.  All could have been avoided by simply follow the law like the rest of us and exercising some common sense.  I bet he had plenty of opportunities.  I work in the government and paper work is killer.  Its always cumbersome.  Most times people just give up instead of seeking assistance from experts.  His seeking a permit since 2003 really doesn't tell us much but I suspect if he did the proper paperwork he would have obtained one.

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  Here is a link to an


Here is a link to an article and news video of this situation - http://www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-wildlife-officers-shoot-kill-nine-deer-on-randolph-co-farm-20110920,0,2949706.story

It seems strange that somebody who has ran a rehab farm for animals for 30 years doesn't know the requirements for licensing.  The news video stated that the state of NC had passed a law several years ago on required licensing to hold "deer" in captivity - I would think that means all types of deer - including fallow.

I would think that even though his farm was in operation before the law was passed that he would still have to be licensed.  And if the state of NC was serious on the licensing then I would also think they would have a fine attached to it that was far greater than $10.




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Well, they have these

Well, they have these regulations for a reason.  As they stated, they have strong concerns for CWD, especially for captive animals.  That's where it is spread the most, and the deer herd needs to be protected.  People who want to keep them need to follow the proper steps, get permits, have them tested by the state, and make sure there are no problems.

Sorry to see that this guys deer were killed, but the guy brought it upon himself.  The only thing I don't agree with is the amount of people that showed up at his property.  That seems to be a little like overkill.  9 vehicles full of officers?  Got nothing better to do that day, I guess. 

Anyway, the whole "international outrage" is funny.  I could post a story about someone killing a cricket, and I could probably find 5,000 people to sign an online petition.  Their push to have an investigation into who signed the warrant will be fruitless.  Nothing illegal was done. 

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Wow...I guess if you don't

Wow...I guess if you don't have a license to keep deer penned up the wildlife officers will kill them. I think that was a little extreme to kill them. I uderstand the guy didn't have a license but to kill them? I guess if they didn't have any other chioce. I hope they atleast donated the meat to a food pantry.